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Employee Time Clocks have
been our passion Since 1962.
Large or Small...we offer
Time Clocks for any size
business. You can purchase
the technology here at a
fraction of the cost.
will include user training and
system configuration that is
supplied directly to your
project team, by our highly
trained technicians.
Find answers to your Time and Attendance questions at
Partner with and Carpenter's Time Systems 
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Time Clock Systems Biometric Time Clock   Biometric
Time Clocks
  Time Clock Software Fingerprint Time Clocks Fingerprint
Time Clocks
Electronic Punch Clocks Punch
Time Date Stamps

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Time Clocks for Business:

  Payroll Time Clock Saves Money

Special Offer! Demo here 
 New and Improved Version 2.5
IconTime RTC1000 Web Enabled Time Clock
Universal Connect via TCP/IP
or USB. Access via Browser.
Fast and easy to Setup!!
Demo available.              Price: $ 379.00
Your Business cares about controlling time & labor expenses, after all that is why you are reading this paragraph...Time Clock eShop can Help!!
The Payroll Time Clock is one of the few products that can both increase the efficiency and accuracy of the payroll timekeeping task(s), while on each payroll day practically depositing money back into your bank account...Interested??.

    Acroprint Punch Clock Recorder
Time Recorder!
Price: $ 246.00
Amano PIX21 Time Clock Recorder
Our Lowest
Cost Recorder!
Price: $230.00
Acroprint ES1000 Time Computing Clock
Time Recorder!
  Acroprint ET Time Date Stamp
Price: $ 449.00
JetStamp 790 MP Time Date Stamp
Portable Parts
Inkjet Coder 
 Price: $1899.00
Acroprint TimeQ Plus Biometric Time Clock System

  Lathem FaceIN Biometric Time Clock
Reads the Face
Easy Software!
Price: $ 499.00
EBS250 HandJet Time Date Number InkJet Coder For Coding
and Marking
Price: $3,600.00
Acroprint TimeQ Plus Proximity Employee Time Clock

  Amano PIX200 Signal Control Time Clock
Just Add a
Horn or Bell!
Price: $ 335.00
Amano NS5100 Electronic Time Date Number Stamp
Auto DST &
Price: $ 539.00
Acroprint Pendulum Hand Punch 2000 System
Best Biometric
512 Emps.

 Some of Our Best Values and Popular Time Clocks listed above!!

All New,
Atlas 2000 Biometric Hand Punch Time Clock with color touchscreen and built-in employee self-service.


Employee Time Clocks

Time has the most diverse offering of Employee Time Clock and
Time Clock Software products you will find anywhere in the Online Time Clock market,
all backed by a Company that has been in the business Since 1962.

From the ever popular Hand Punch Biometric Time Clocks to an entry level Electronic Employee Time Clock, either choice will ensure your business will save money and ensure accuracy on your most costly expense, Labor.

If you are shopping for an Acroprint Employee Time Clock or any other Time Clock brand we can help, maybe your payroll time clock project only calls for the use of
Employee Time Clock Software or simply the Online Employee Time Clock which is our Hosted time clock that does not require any software to be installed...just remember that Time Clock can supply any timekeeping system you are looking for.

Time and Attendance Systems

Automating Time and Attendance for your small business has never been easier or more affordable than now!!  These time and attendance clocks automatically calculate employee hours, overtime and off-time pay, in an easy-to-use system to manage your hourly labor. Say goodbye to those old fashioned time clocks and manual time cards, put calculated payroll data right at your fingertips with these powerful Time and Attendance Systems. View all Time and Attendance Systems.

Our Payroll Time Clock offers a powerful Punch to Paycheck solution,
that comes with One-on-One Setup and Training.

The Time and Attendance Software from InfiniTime is for the large enterprise,
and is capable of managing hundreds and thousands of employees,
and can easily integrate to Payroll Service Software or your ERP Systems.

Payroll Time Clock

Acheive a true Punch to Paycheck Timekeeping and Payroll Solution that is simple, accurate, and hassle-free.

Payroll Time Clock SurePayroll Partner
The TimeWolf Payroll Time Clock is a system that is well designed and offers a standard set of features not typically found in other systems at this price point.

  TimeWolf offers two built-in user interfaces the Manager module, to analyze and process payroll hours, and the Employee Self Service module that empowers employees with access to their hours and benefit time.
Our Payroll Time Clock products have built-in Payroll Interfaces that make a true Punch to Paycheck Solution for your business. Streamline and increase efficiency in the entire Timekeeping task with the TimeWolf system, and then easily process payroll in the most accurate way possible, with time clock integration available for many of the popular OnLine Payroll Services and Installed Payroll Software.

Sign-up with SurePayroll and receive One-Month of Free Payroll, plus Free Time Clock Integration.
Note: The SurePayroll Online Payroll service does not require the purchase of a Time Clock.

SurePayroll Online Payroll with Free Time Clock Integration The partnering of SurePayroll and the TimeWolf Payroll Time Clock, ensures compatibility with two of your most important business systems, so you will not have to change vendors.

Easily import employee timecards from the TimeWolf Software into your SurePayroll online payroll account. You'll save time and eliminate data input errors with Sure Payroll time clock integration.

Read for More Info and Request a Quote for SurePayroll services >

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Time and Attendance

Three powerful User Interface modules included with your purchase of the InfiniTime Time and Attendance Software.

500 to 5000+ Employees...
InfiniTime is Time & Attendance software for large enterprises
and growing companies.

A robust solution powered by
the included Oracle database
, designed for ease of use and
addresses complex Payroll &
HR Timekeeping.
The InfiiTime's standard version of Time and Attendance Software is built from the ground up to run in a browser and is compatible with most popular browsers found on today's workstations, personal computers and mobile tablet devices...Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari and Google Chrome.

For the Supervisors, have them log-in to a custom Manager Dashboards module, to perform their oversite, with only the specific functions and tools you allocate,, filtered only to their assigned employee group(s), just a click away.

Timekeepers and Human Resource departments will appreciate the Employee Self Service module, where employees can log-in and then be empowered to easily; View their hours/Print their own Time Cards, Request Time Off, Request Schedule Change and View/Print Benefit Off-Time accrual balances, etc.

The Time and Attendance Software also has an Employee Punch module, which simplifies the user interface screen to allow employees to perform the Punch In/Out function only.
Time and Attendance Runs in a Browser

Competitors offer their products as a windows program, when purchasing their standard software, and a separate version built for browsers and web based access. Choose InfiniTime 7.0, for your organization and install it on a single workstation, internal network server, or internal web server for local and remote users on your company's network...same Features, same User Interface!
For a cutting edge Time and Attendance Solution, and when you do not have sophisticated networks, or the time or know how to manage any IT problems...Choose the InfiniTime Online Saas product line. This provides the easiest and quickest rollout, and is referred to as Software as a Service or Hosted Time and Attendance, with low monthly fees...same Features, same User Interface as the installed version of InfiniTime!
Your Choice- Installed or Hosted SaaS, InfiniTme covers both.

Purchase InfiniTime 7.0 for installation on your firm's server hardware.

Sign-Up for InfiniTime Online for benefits that an Saas Hosted system offers. (low monthly fees, lower IT).

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Biometric Time Clocks

Using a Biometric Time Clock Eliminates Buddy-Punching and ensures payroll accuracy at the Point of the Time Clock Terminal.

For the latest in the accurate collection of payroll data, choose a Biometric Time Clock. Eliminate employee "Buddy-Punching" and regain control of your most costly expense, employee time and labor. Biometric Time Clocks maximize the convenience, accuracy and savings of a modern time clock system. View all Biometric Time Clock Systems

Hand Recognition Biometric Time Clocks

Hand Reader Biometric Time Clocks

For the top of the line in accuracy, utilizing a Hand Punch Biometric Time Clock will eliminate and solve employee buddy punching once and for all. Hand Recognition Biometric Time Clocks measure of the size, shape and thickness of the hand, no handprints or fingerprints are utilized. Choose this technology for the office and especially if your company needs a biometric time clock for dirty and harsh environments. Our company sold our first Hand Punch Time Clock way back in 1992, it is still in operation today.
Shop Hand Reader Biometric Time Clocks.

Face Recognition Biometric Time Clocks

Face Recognition Biometric Time Clocks

Face Recognition Biometric Time Clocks measures several attributes of the size and shape of the facial structure. A contactless Biometric Time Clock, this clock can assist in scenarios where hygene is an major concern.  A Face Recognition biometric time clock has acheived accuracy very close to hand reader technology, with a lower price point. The Face Recognition technology has been out for approx 2 Years and has been adopted and is in the process of being rolled out by most manufacturers of time clock software.
Shop Face Recognition Biometric Time Clocks. 

Fingerprint Biometric Time Clocks  Fingerprint Time Clocks

A Fingerprint Time Clocks will minimize, but not eliminate employee buddy punching for each and every employee, this is due to variences in the quality (scars, eczema, no noticable fingerprint ridges) of some employee's fingerprints. Still the lowest cost biometric solution, fingerprint time clocks are not recommended for dirty environments, or where the tasks of the employee includes grimy hands or work damaging to the fingerprint itself.
Shop Fingerprint Time Clocks.

Carpenter's Time Systems and specializes in Biometric Time Clocks.

We supply the complete line of Hand Reader products from Recognition Systems, now Schlage Biometrics. Take a look at the Acroprint FaceVerify and Lathem FaceIn face recognition biometric time clock systems, as well as a large selection of Fingerprint Time Clocks, from Acroprint and InfiniTime.
Our shopping cart is on Secure Server for online orders, or Call Toll-Free 1-888-838-5391 or Contact us via E-mail...for more information.

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Time Clock Cards     

-  Free Shipping on all Time Cards  -

Don't settle for inferior Time Card stock...that could result in problems with your time clock cards and equipment. All Manual Time Cards are Rotary Cut for accuracy and use 150Lb Card Stock for durability and resistance to moisture. Time Cards for Computing Time Clock are 90lb Time Card Stock with barcode strobes for correct positioning. View all Time Clock Cards

Weekly Time Cards Bi Weekly Time Cards

Weekly Time Cards

Bi Weekly Time Cards

Acroprint Time Cards Amano Time Cards Lathem Time Cards

Acroprint Time Cards

Amano Time Cards

Lathem Time Cards


Acroprint ATR120  -  Pyramid PTR4000  -   Acroprint ES1000

Amano MJR7000 Time Cards   -   Lathem 7000e  -  Amano MJR8000 Time Cards


 Not Finding The Exact Time Clock Cards you are using?? There are 100's of time card styles and we can "Find a Match" for your time cards. Just call or Fax your sample to (409) 838-4966.

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Employee Time Clock Resources

If it relates to Employee Time Clocks, we have it! Our wide selection and diversity of products includes everything from Electronic-Time-clocks, Biometric Time Clocks to Employee Time Clock Software. We specialize in Time and Attendance Systems and handpunch biometric time clocks and equipment that will automate your Payroll Time Clock procedures and eliminate costly buddy-punching by employees - you can also purchase time cards and time card racks and all other supplies, securely at this on-line store..

This Web Store offers heavily discounted prices on brand-new, fully guaranteed time clock equipment and systems - We want you to come back and shop Navigating our shop is simple. As a start, view the "Category Heading" on the left column...and choose a product grouping that best fits the type of product you require. If you plan to purchase only particular name brands, such as an Acroprint Time Clock, or Amano Time Clocks, or our newest line the Time Wolf Employee Time Clock products, etc., simply choose that brand from the "Manufacturer Product List" also found on the left column. For detailed assistance with the use of choose Shopping-Cart-Help under the "More Info" heading.

Our goal is to make you comfortable with the selection of an Employee Time Clock and to simplify your buying process...take advantage of "3 Easy Ways to Order"; such as, Order Securely On-Line (SSL), Order by Phone or print the Fax Order Form (see right column).  Also, checkout one of the Index. and Policies and Forms pages.

We are a 45 Year Old Company with a physical address and a brick-and-mortar building as well as several web sites devoted to Employee Time Clock Systems and other similiar Timekeeping Products. Learn additional information about our company by clicking 'Contact Us" from the red menu at the top of this page. Enjoy shopping for the perfect Employee Time Clock for your business!!

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Time Clock System Accessories 

Magnetic Stripe Time Clock Badges            Save $$$  -  Employee Time Clock Badges

Time Q+Plus Badges                                       50/$49.00 
Payclock EZ
Badges                                 25/$24.50
iconTime Calculator
Proximity Badges      
iconTime RTC1000  Proximity Badges       25/$65.00
iconTime Calculator Bar Code Badges       50/$49.00

Replacement Time Clock Ribbons            Save $$$  -  Time Clock Ribbons

Acroprint Time Clock Ribbon                        from  $ 10.00

Amano Time Clock Ribbon                              from  $ 10.00

 Lathem Time Clock Ribbon                            from  $ 10.00
Stromberg Time Clock Ribbon             
        from  $ 10.00

Simplex Time Clock Ribbon                            from  $ 10.00

View all Time Clock Ribbons 

Save $$$
  -  Time Card and Badge Racks 

Time Card Rack                                    from  $ 35.00
Locking Time Card Rack                            from  $ 93.00

Time Clock Badge Rack                             from  $ 41.00
Locking Time Clock Badge Rack                from  $ 99.00

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Time Date Stamps

Specify where and when, with these heavy-duty Time Date Stamps. The electric time stamp eliminates hand stamping of Time, Date for...Incoming Mail, Bids, Contracts, etc. Time Date Stamps are used by Governmental Offices, Insurance Companies and Stock Traders for Legal Document Control and Validation. View all Time Date Stamps

Speed i Jet 798 mobile time date stamp pen
Reiner Speed i Jet 798 Time Date Stamp

This fully mobile Time Date Stamp will print, Year, Month, Date, Time, Numbers and/or Custom Text. Easily download preset "Print Formats to the Speed i Jet. (up to 40  characters, ONE line only)   $ 379.00
Widmer T3-LED Time Date Document Stamp
Widmer T3-LED Time Date Stamp

This heavy-duty Time Date Stamp standard print line includes, Year, Month, Date, and Time. Add additional text with the optional Upper and/or Lower brass print plates (up to 3 lines per plate)  $ 491.00
Amano Electronic Time Date Document Stamp
Amano NS-5100 Electronic Time Date Stamp

This Electronic Time Date Stamp provides reliable document control featuring Battery Backup and Auto-Reset for Daylight Savings. Note: Upper/Lower brass print plates are not available for this machine.  $ 539.00
OATS Compliant Time Date Seconds Stamp
OAT Compliant Time Date Seconds Stamp

The Amano TS3000i Time Date Seconds Stamp features Auto-Time Synchronization with the Atomic Clock via your network and an internet connection. Commonly used by NASDAQ Traders, this machine prints Year, Month, Date, Time and Seconds making it OATS Compliant. Note: Upper/Lower brass print plates are not available for this machine.  $ 999.00
JetStamp 790MP
Reiner JetStamp 790MP Portable Inkjet Stamp

The Reiner JetStamp 790MP Portable Inkjet Printer easily and quickly prints on Non-Porous Surfaces, such as Metal and Plastic. Purchase the JetStamp 790MP here to improve your manufacturing or product marking processes.
  $ 1, 899.00
HandJet EBS250 Handheld inkjet printer
HandJet EBS 250 Handheld Inkjet Marker

The HandJet EBS250 Portable Printer is a HandHeld device that easily and quickly prints on any surface, even on curved surfaces. The HandJet EBS250 can be configured via the included software and the imprints sent via BluTooth wireless. Now you are ready to print on any substrate, such as Metal and Plastic. Concrete, Wood, and shrinkwrapped packages. The HandJet EBS 250 Printer Price is affordable so Purchase the HandJet here to improve your manufacturing or product marking processes.
  $ 3, 600.00

Our shopping cart is on Secure Server for online orders, or Call Toll-Free 1-888-838-5391 or Contact us via E-mail...for more information.

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Document Perforators

Widmer P400 VOID Perforator
Widmer P400-V VOID Perforator

This heavy-duty Manual Perforator will perforate up to 12 Pages at a time. Just insert the documents and pull the lever. Perforator Text Choices include...PAID, VOID, or CNCLD.  $ 520.00
ABE 800 Stromberg Manual Perforator
ABE 800 Document Perforator

This Manual ABE Document Perforator automatically perforates up to 12 pages at a time. Just insert the documents and pull the lever on the ABE 800 Perforator. Choose from DATE, DATE and PAID, DATE and TOP or BOTTOM TEXT, or, 6 DIGIT Numbers.  $ 1, 999.00
ABE 700 Stromberg Electric Perforator
ABE 700 Document Perforator

This Electric Document Perforator automatically perforates up to 20 pages at a time. Just insert the documents and the ABE 700 Perforator takes care of the rest. Choose from DATE, DATE and PAID, DATE and TOP or BOTTOM TEXT, or 6 DIGIT Numbers.  $ 3, 099.00

Watchman Clock

The Watchman Clock is widely utilized by facilities to assist in the protection of property and personnel. Assign your Watchman a specific route, that covers entrances and key areas of your property and facility, and the Watchman Clock will provide valuable information on the Guard Tour, such as Time, Date and Station Visited.

We offer two unique styles of Watchman Clocks, the Amano PR600 Kit can be used to outfit your Watchman with a recording clock device, where a station key is inserted and turned to record the station number visited.

For an automated Watchman Clock, choose the Acroprint ARES Guard Tour System, that uses encoded ibuttons stations that can be obscurely mounted, and the powerful ARES Watchman Software, provides easy to run reports for management.

Acroprint AREIV Watchman Clock
Acroprint ARESIV Watchman Clock System
List Price: $689.00
eShop Price: Starting at $459.00
Acroprint ARESIV Watchman Clock System
Amano PR600 Watchman Clock Complete Kit
Amano PR-600 Watchman Clock System Kit
List Price: $775.00
eShop Price: $595.00
Amano PR-600 Watchman Clock System Kit
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your legal documents.
Acroprint ET Stamp Reiner Speed-i-Jet
Reiner JetStamp
Widmer T3 Stamp


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