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We supply and support Hand Punch Clock Terminals for Kronos, ADP and other brands of Time and Attendance systems...Click for more details.

Acroprint's Fingerprint Time Clock System, Your Biometric Prescription for Timekeeping...Click for more details.


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Computer Time Clocks


We sell great brand names for less, like a latham time clock.

Offering Time Card Rack, Industry Leading Computer Time Clocks Solutions, and Embossers.

Computer Time Clocks A programmable time table can be used to automatically shift between one of six columns across the card to accommodate additional break and overtime punches. The performance of various tasks and types of computing have also moved from one type of computer to another. Biometric technology is being used more and more to allow companies to move away from manned entry points.

The error between a pair of such clocks, ie, the difference in indicated time if both were started at the same instant and later compared, was typically about one second in three thousand years. In addition to its biometric identification, offers extended functionality to implement a robust time and attendance system. Your hand is your card. Ancient methods of measuring hours in the absence of sunlight included the notched candle and the chinese practice of burning a knotted rope and noting the length of time required for the fire to travel from one knot to the next. For example, researchers have demonstrated an atomic clock based on an energy transition in a single trapped mercury ion a mercury atom that is missing one electron that has the potential to be up to 1,000 times more accurate than current atomic clocks.

Computer Time Clocks Articles

Our newest offering is a biometric attendance system. Eliminate one of the age old problems of the time clock. Now lets see what we have to do to build a real clock! However, signature verification is reliable enough to be used in place of a pin in accessing automated teller machines atms. Read more about Computer Time Clocks Here.

Acroprint's Lowest Cost Time Recorder ...Click for more details.

Acroprint's Proximity Badge Systetm, Your Prescription for Timekeeping...Click for more details.

Security Perforators provides Document Solutons for your most important papers..Click for more details.

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