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ABE 700 Security Document Perforator
ABE 700 Document Perforator
eShop Price: Starting at $3,399.00
ABE 700 Document Perforator
ABE 800 Security Document Perforator
ABE 800 Document Perforator
eShop Price: Starting at $2,199.00
ABE 800 Document Perforator


When you need to mark documents in a permanent and unalterable way, a document perforator is an ideal solution. Perforated holes can’t be erased, and perforators can “cancel” or “validate” multiple documents simultaneously—perfect for large volume jobs. For invoice or credential cancelling, dating, receipting, numbering, bids, contracts, paid invoices, and more, a document perforator can keep your business organized.

Used by many federal, state, county, and city government officials, a security perforator assists with legal document control and validation. A security perforator is a must in today’s volatile world where the need for secure original documents is a major and ongoing concern. Perforator designs offer a virtually unlimited possibility of text combinations such as DATE, PAID, VOID, numbers, custom text, and more. For secure, unalterable document control, a document perforator is an essential addition to your office. Organize, preserve, and protect your important documents with a perforator from  

Applications include:

  • Dating              
  • Numbering
  • Canceling
  • Receipting
  • Vaildating
  • Coding