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Side Print - Front Loading Time Cards

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Time Cards - ""Quality Assurance""...

All Side-Print Time Cards are Rotary Cut for accuracy and use 150Lb. Card Stock for durability and resistance to moisture.


Don't settle for inferior Time Card stock...that could result in problems with your time clock equipment.

Compatible with these time card clock machines...

  • Acroprint models...125, 150, ES700, 175, Boss
  • Amano models...PIX-21, TCX-21, 3500/3600, 5500/5600
  • Cincinnati models...10,000 series, 100 series
  • Lathem models...2100 series, 4000 series, 5000e
  • Pyramid side print models
  • Simplex models...1101, JCG/JCP, KCF, Patriot
  • Stromberg side print models
  • Most side print time recorders...