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Check Signers

Automatically and Securely sign cut sheet Checks.

Need to save time? Eliminate the hand-signing of checks with check signer machines from A check signer automatically and securely signs cut sheet checks. Simply insert the check into one of our check signer machines and you’ll automatically trigger the electronic printing. This is perfect for large volume jobs and also used by many businesses where the person authorized to sign checks is not available for check writing or endorsing. The removable signature plate can be mounted in one of four directions, making it easy to handle all of your checks.

Our Widmer check signer machines are secure too. With removal and lockable models, you can lock away your signature plate to prevent forgeries. A check signer machine can do more than simply sign your checks. A Widmer check signer can imprint labels, affix message, and signs, validates, dates, and counts an endless variety of office forms. Don’t waste any more time waiting for authorized persons to return to the office to sign your checks. Order your check signer machines today from

Applications include:

  • Check Signing
  • Check Endorsing

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Widmer RSS Check Signer
Widmer RS-S High-Speed, Cut-Sheet Check Signer
List Price: $4,010.00
eShop Price: Starting at $3,779.00
Widmer RS-S High-Speed, Cut-Sheet Check Signer
Widmer S3 Check Signer
Widmer S-3 Cut-Sheet Check Signer
List Price: $1,138.00
eShop Price: $879.00
Widmer S-3 Cut-Sheet Check Signer
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