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Acroprint ATR120 Electronic Employee Time Clock
Acroprint ATR120 Electronic Employee Time Clock
List Price: $279.00
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Acroprint ATR120 Electronic Employee Time Clock

Cross Shift Time Clocks

Cross Shift Time Recorders offer Automatic Print Positioning on the time card. Choose from Across the Card (left to right) and Up/Down the Card models. Using a time clock will help your business comply with Wage & Hour time recording rules and regulations.

Widely used by organizations that have fixed schedule/shift patterns, such as manufacturers and companies that operate 24 hours a day.

Time Cards used by cross-shift time recorders are arranged with a matrix of boxes where each punch will be printed.
This design allows Supervisors and Payroll Clerks to easily spot missing punches and employees that are "tardy" or that have punched "outside of schedule".

See the "Minutes are Money" chart...your business can Save Big by using a Time Clock compared to the "Honor System" and hand-written time sheets.

Applications include:

  • Payroll Time Clock
  • Departmental Time Recorder
  • Job Cost / Warranty time recorder
  • Safe Deposit Box attendance clock