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Embossers Validators

Legal Document "Certification" in less than a second!!

The need for secure, original documents in today's volatile world has become a major concern. An embossed document cannot be photocopied, photographed, or otherwise duplicated. Embossers are used by many federal, state, county and city government offices for legal document control and validation. Our Widmer embosser is a heavy duty seal embosser that is perfect for state and corporate seals. Customize your Widmer embosser with an electric security lock, visual counter, foot pedal stamping, extension triggers, and more.

Our transcript validator is a government and corporate seal embosser. In addition to embossing the corporate logo, the Widmer Transcript Validator prints a combination of signature, title, date, and an additional text line in one easy step. For single sheet certificates, diplomas, student transcripts, and legal documents, a corporate seal embosser is the perfect solution. Order your embossers today from!

Applications include:

  • Student Transcripts
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Contracts
  • Diplomas
  • Logo Embosser for Corporate seals
  • Any Legal Document!!

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Widmer 776E Transcript Validator
Widmer 776E Transcript Validator
List Price: $1,945.00
eShop Price: Starting at $1,546.00
Widmer 776E Transcript Validator
Widmer E3 Electric Embosser for State and Corporate Seals
Widmer E-3 Embosser for State and Corporate Seals
List Price: $988.00
eShop Price: Starting at $745.00
Widmer E-3 Embosser for State and Corporate Seals
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