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iconTime LITE-PIN
icon Time Systems PIN Entry Automated Time Clock System
iconTime Systems PIN Entry Automated Time Clock System. Includes TimeVue Lite Time Clock Software for 50 Employees (Upgradeable to 250 Employees). Prices are Lower here... - Time Clock
List Price: $924.00
eShop Price:

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Communication Option- RS-232 is standard (50 Ft. cable included):

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Detailed Description

Icon Time Systems Lite  PIN Entry Automated Time Clock System
- 50 employees (upgradeable) -



Whether you have never owned a Time Clock before, or are simply transitioning from a mechanical time clock to an automated system, you will enjoy the User-Friendly features of this system. It installs and starts running in minutes. There are No Badges to use or replace. Icon Time Clock systems are used are used by a total of over one million employees of small businesses accross the US and Canada. 

Easy to Setup: Attach the Icon PIN Entry Clock to the wall and lock it with your key. Connect the included 50 foot cable to the PC that is running the included TimeVue software - your ready to go in just minutes

Easy to Punch In: Assign your employees their own 3 to 9 Digit PIN Number and start using the clock - no badges for employees to forget, lose or wear out!
Employees can view their last punch and hours worked directly at the clock.

Easy to Manage: The TimeVue software does all of the hours calculations for you. Regular Hours and two levels of Overtime are tracked, along with an unlimited number of other hours categories, such as: Sick Vacation and Holidays. Track tips earned or Job Numbers (with optional TimeSource Complete Software), change Departments or edit punches at the clock -- or at the TimeVue Software.

Easy to Grow: Only Icon Time Systems offers the convenience of adding more clocks by using Direct Cable, Modems for off-site locations, or TCP/IP Communications. Your investment will be safe for years to come as your clock and software can be effortlessly upgraded to add more features and more employees.  

iconTime Time Systems...Quick, Simple, Reliable.



Icon Pin Entry System Features:


Ã÷         Supports 50 Employees - Upgradeable to 200 per terminal

Ã÷         Tracks Regular time, two levels of Overtime, Sick, Holiday and Vacation pay

Ã÷         Edit timecards, check attendance, and view hours at the clock or the PC

Ã÷         View/Print timecard, whos in/out, missed punch, detail, total, and wage reports

Ã÷         Exports to Quickbooks Pro, ADP, Paychex and more

Ã÷         Supports all pay period types

Ã÷         Allows multiple departments per employee -- 99 total for the system

Ã÷         Accepts tips, job numbers, and department changes right at the clock

Ã÷         Archives your data, storing employee records for an unlimited period of time

Ã÷         Supports multiple clocks with the included cable, or by optional modem/TCP/IP

         Multi-user support to share data across multiple PCs (optional)

  •  30-Day free support


Icon Pin Entry System Includes:

Ã÷         Pin Entry Employee Time Clock

Ã÷         TimeVue Software, 50 Employees (upgradeable)

Ã÷         50-foot communications cable

Ã÷         AC power adapter

Ã÷         Printed, fully illustrated user manual

Ã÷         Locking wall mounting bracket

Ã÷         Set of two mounting keys

Ã÷         1 year parts and labor warranty

Companion Products: See the "Related Products Heading" at the Bottom of this Page. Choose from...Annual Technical Support Agreements, Extension Data Cables, additional Clock Terminals, Etc. 

Why choose “Intelligent Storage” over “Real Time”?

Systems that communicate in "Real Time" rely on a constant connection to a computer in order to record punches. With "Real Time" systemS, if your PC Locks Up because of a power interruption or is Shut Off, your employees are standed and valuable payroll data is not recorded.

Time Clock Data is too important to lose and PC's fail too frequently. As a result IconTime systems use a method called Intelligent StorageTM where you can record and access employee inforamtion whenever you need it, with or without a functioning PC.

Intelligent StorageTM 
also gives your employee much better feedback - never leaving them feeling disconnected. When punching in or out employees are greeted with their Name Dispayed on the clock terminal's display. The Intelligent StorageTM  system knows each employee's profile, allowing them to change assigned departments, enter tips or job numbers, view Hours Worked and check their last punch right at the clock.

Intelligent StorageTM  
drastically reduces training time and increases employee satisfaction as they can see that their inforamtion is being accurately recorded. 


How does a Badge-free system save you time and money?

Many employers at first glance lean towards a badge based system to minimize employees intentionally punching in for one another (buddy punching). If the badges are not kept in a rack, but instead are taken home by the employee, this can be an effective method to minimize buddy punching, but what are the hidden cost associated with badge based systems.

The final price may not be as low as it first appears. Most badge based systems offer a minimum amount of badges in the purchase price. You will need to have additional badges to give to new employees and replacements for badges that get lost or wear out. To cover card loss in the early days of the system, manufacturers recommend purchasing twice the number of cards than employees. Adding the extra badges to the system base price will give you a more accurate initial cost.

The need to inventory badges creates an ongoing supply expense.  Badges are available only from the manufacturer of your time system and must be ordered by mail.  When you run out of badges, new employees or those who lose a badge will not be able to use the system until new badges arrive. If you need to order badges on a quick-ship basis, you will also incur additional costs. 

Perhaps the largest cost associated with badge systems can be illustrated by considering what happens when an employee loses or forgets their badge.  When this happens the employee must delay the start of their work so that they may find a manager.  Once found, the manager must go to the time clocks PC, start the time and attendance software, and manually edit the employees time.  It is often best to issue the employee a new badge so that this process does not have to be repeated at lunch and at the end of the shift.   This consumes another badge (often costing as much as $4), causes additional paperwork, and produces confusing reports.  A lost or forgotten badge costs time, productivity, and money.

In contrast the Icon Pin Entry (personal identification number) Employee Time System is complete no extra cards, supply expense, or hidden costs.  Employees can pick an easily remembered ID number of their choice that keeps punching in and out of the clock trouble free.  Buddy punching is eliminated, as software reports can quickly identify anyone who is sharing their ID number with another employee.  Also, because there are no card slots or sensors to fail or be vandalized, your clock will last trouble-free for years.

It is hard to beat the simplicity and dependablity of the IConTime PIN Entry Time Clock System. However, if a Badge Based system is right for you, the IconTime Proximity Badge Time Clock System offers innovative solutions to several of the above problems.

TimeVue software Reduces time spent on Payroll Preparation, eliminates the manual calculation of time cards and costly errors.

- Pay Periods: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly or Custom 
  (semi-monthly pay period features automatic "Carry-Over" of Weekly hours for Overtime)
- Password: One Password provides access to software
- Time Rounding: Select 10th hour or Quarter hour rounding or calculate Minute-to-Minute
- Departments: 99 User definable deparments, 18 per employee max.
- In-Out Zones: Revision Windows before and after each Start/Stop time to control unauthorized overtime. (Start/Stop Time windows can be setup for each department)
- Individual / Global: Apply paid worked or non-worked hours to employees (i.e. Vac., Sick/Personal, Jury Duty, etc.
- Tips: Employee may enter Tip amounts at the keypad
- Archive Data: Archive data for backups and later review

Click to View TimeVue Setup Screens

Click to view TimeVue Punch Editing Screen

Optional Software Modules:
- Employee Capacity Upgrades, 
-Auto-Poll module: 
- Schedule/Lockout module: 
- Job Costing module:
Only With Optional TimeSourceComplete Software 

- Multi-Pc / Multi-User:more>>>     
- Custom Rounding module:
- Signal Control module kit:
Only With Optional TimeSourceComplete Software
- Custom Hours module:

iconTime Systems offers many Data Collection choices for your timekeeping needs.

To add additional Clocks to this system...SEE "Related Products" Heading at the bottom of this Page.

- Time Calculator Terminals  -  Hand Punch Readers  -  Virtual Terminal (PC Time Clock)

        Time Calculator Specifications:
      - Employees: 200 per Terminal
      - Punches: 3120 transactions per Terminal
- Departments: 99 per terminal
      - Perform Department, Job Transfers at the keypad
      - Enter Tips and Quantity amounts at the keypad     
      - Case: High Strength ABS Plastic
      - Display: 2 Lines/ 16 character, backlighted LCD
      - Battery Backup: 5 Year Lithium
      - Power: 120v 60Hz
      - Dimensions: 8.3"(H) X 7.4" (W) X 2.0"(D)
      - Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.

Hardware Connections:
- RS-232: Wire up to 100 foot, single clock

- Optional Modem: Connect the clock to an analog Phone/Fax line for dial-up connection
- Optional TCP/IP: Connect the clock to your Ethernet LAN/WAN



TimeVue Reports can be run by your specified Date Range and reports can be Displayed on the Screen, Printed.

- Time Card                       - Employee List
- Departmental Hours         - Who's In
- Tardy                             - Exceptions

Click to view TimeVue Report Setup & Selection Screen

Export Reports to an external file with the Optional Export Module

Payroll Exports can eliminate the redundant and error prone task of "Hand-Keying" employee hours into your Accounting or Payroll Service software.

- Payroll Exports: ADP, PayChex, QuickBooks Pro and Premier are standard.

- Custom Payroll Exports:see complete list>>>



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