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Portable Time Clock

When AC power is not available, a portable time clock is the perfect solution. A favorite for construction teams who move from one job site to another frequently, these employee time clocks are designed to stand up to high volume use and harsh working environments. Durable and rust-resistant exteriors make these portable time clocks ready for job cost tracking or payroll timekeeping even in the most hostile conditions. 

Portable time clocks can often be operated by plugging into a cigarette lighter or even a portable cellular time clock solution, allowing you to plug your time clock into a Sprint or AT&T air card. This allows corporate time clock software to retrieve your payroll data from remote locations. Rechargeable batteries like the NiCad battery used with HP1000 and HP2000 biometric employee time clocks are also available, providing up to 24 hours of operational power. Order a portable time clock for your business today at

See the "Minutes are Money" chart...your business can Save Big by using a Time Clock compared to the "Honor System" and hand-written time sheets.

Applications include:

  • Portable Time Clocks
  • Construction Time Clock
  • Mobile Time Clock
  • Janitorial Companies
  • Tour Company Time Clock
  • Job Cost / Warranty time recorder


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Acroprint BOSS Portable Employee Time Clock
Acroprint BOSS Portable Time Clock
List Price: $525.00
eShop Price: Starting at $384.00
Acroprint BOSS Portable Time Clock
Amano TCX-22 Portable Time Clock
Amano TCX-22 Portable Time Clock
List Price: $499.00
eShop Price: $375.00
Amano TCX-22 Portable Time Clock
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