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Signal Devices

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Lathem Digital Work Alterter Signal Control Device
Lathem Digital Work Alerter
List Price: $445.00
eShop Price: Discontinued - See Lathem Sonachron
Lathem Digital Work Alerter
Lathem Sonachron Signal Control Device
Lathem Sonachron DWAS Signal Control
List Price: $425.00
eShop Price: $360.00
Lathem Sonachron DWAS Signal Control
Signal Control Device Bell for Time Clocks
Signal Bell 6"
eShop Price: Starting at $115.00
Signal Bell 6"
Signal Control Device Horn for Time Clocks
Signal Horn 4"
eShop Price: Starting at $110.00
Signal Horn 4"

If you need to signal employees of shift changes or breaks, then you need to take a step beyond the  traditional time clock. Our signal devices allow you to maximize employee efficiency for a large work space or across multiple floors. Adding bells or horns to the system notifies employees of changes throughout your business.

Ideal for schools and industry, the Lathem Sonachron is a dual-purpose, single circuit program time clock that is equipped with a full range of features. The Lathem Sonachron lets you program everything from signal horns and bells to turning electrical devices on and off—a significant asset towards your building’s efforts to stay eco-friendly. The Acroprint ATR120 is a signal relay kit that works with the Acroprint Time Q Plus time clock system. With the ability to add the Acroprint ATR120 to your existing system, the unit becomes valuable for expanding companies or growing schools. Order your signal devices today from

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