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AnserU2 InkJet REIN-Anser-U2Mobile
Anser U2 Mobile High Resolution InkJet Case Coding Printer
Anser U2 Mobile High Resolution InkJet Case Coding Printer is a printer for Date Number Coding, featuring up to 4-Line Ink Jet Printing WITH A Quick-Dry Ink for Non-Porous or Porous substrates.
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Anser U2Mobile InkJet Case Coding Printer

(features up to 4-Line non-contact Ink Jet Printing)



A unique InkJet Coding Printer for a wide variety of applications                                       

All you need for precise, InkJet printing of Dates and Numbers, or Time Stamps and High Resolution Barcodes....

  • Simply "Press" the Red Button in the U2Mobile's handle to activate printing, then move the U2 Printer accross the surface to be printed, the printing is effortless.
  • Prints up to 4-Lines of imprint.
  • Maximum print height of .50 inches
  • Print on most Non-Porous surfaces, with or without contact
  • Print on any porous/absorbent surface, with or without contact
  • Gentle treatment of surface being marked
  • Prints on Flat, Rigid, and Smooth Surfaces...with the Non-Contact Ink Jet cartridge. Does Not perform well on uneven surfaces, or round circumfrance printing.
  • Standard Black Ink Jet printing cartridge included
  • Automatically advances the Year, Month, Date and Time internally
  • Operates on Rechargeable NiCad Battery, for truly mobile inkjet printing                             
  • Easily view the configuration and imprint selection from the easy to read Display              
  • Memory space for (99) custom imprints.                                                                  



Anser U2Mobile Complete InkJet Coding Kit

Complete U2Mobile InkJet Coding Kit includes; (1) U2Mobile InkJet Printer, (2)  Rechargeable Battery Packs, (1) Power Supply,  (1) SD Card Reader, (1) SD Card (includes free Anser Pro Message Software and User Manual on card). (1) Free Ink Cartridge with your purchase (choose from Black, Red or Blue)


Applications:  A solution for InkJet Product Coding and Marking...such as; printing part numbers or lot numbers and Expiration Dates, on smooth Case Goods and Cardboard, Smooth Metal Surfaces, etc. Easily imprint accurately and legiably, with no effort.


Easy to read 3.5" LCD Display, printer is controlled by the included remote:

Anser U2Mobile Remote Contro lfor InkJet Printer Anser U2Mobile Screen Control - InkJet Print Coding Rollers



Imprints from the Anser U2 Mobile InkJet Coder are endless:

Anser U2Mobile printing cardboard in high resolution 


Used in a Wide Variety of InkJet Coding Applications:

Anser U2Mobile Coding Cardboard boxesInkJet Coding Casegoods on Warehouse ShelvesDownprinting Anser U2Mobile - InkJet Coding Wooden Building Materials

Watch this video to see the Anser U2 Mobile InkJet Printer in action.


  • Specifications:
  • Shipping Weight: 7 lbs. (U2Mobile Printer approx 2.2 lb.)
  • Dimensions: U2Mobile Printer: 8.3"(L) x 5.3"(W) x 4.7"(H)



Anser U2 InkJet Coding Printers and Inks