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Wheel Lock BREAK-BUZZER-24volt
Audible Alarm 4" Buzzer Bell 24 volt DC
Shop Audible Alarm for Factory and Industrial Signaling Device. TimeWorkz Signals Equipment and Bell Buzzer Systems at Time Clock
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Audible Alarm - Break Alarm Buzzer and Timer Bell

Alarm Audible Horn - 24 Volt DC Buzzer. Connect to a Time Clock Buzzer System and Lathem Sonachron Horn Work Shift Timer.

Input Operating Voltage: 24 volt DC or switchable to 12 volt DC

Sound Decibel dBA Rating: [Horn Buzzer Sound] 84 dBA to 92 dBA 
Sound Decibel dBA Rating: [Bell Sound] 80 dBA to 86 dBA 

Volume: Selectable via dipswitch. settings for each audio sound output; include (Standard dBA) or (High dBA)

Mounting: Mounts on standard 4.00" square electrical box (not included)

Signaling Device - Electronic Horn or Bell

** Requires 24 volt DC Power Supply , sold separately.

Test Drive each Audio Output File

C3-Buzzer Repeat Tone

C3-Buzzer Continuous Tone

Bell Electronic Continuous Sound

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