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EBS Inkjet Systems EBS260-Kit
HandJet EBS-260 Large Character InkJet Coding Printer
The EBS-260 HandJet InkJet Coding Printer is a fully portable printer that makes offline Package Marking and Products Marking simple. Imprint easy-to-read, Large Characters, Numbering, Time, Date, as well as graphics. Lower EBS260 Prices Time Clock eShop
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HandJet EBS -260 Inkjet Coding Printer

Looking for the perfect InkJet Coder? Enjoy a fully portable printer that simplifies offline package marking and products marking. With easy to read characters, consecutive numbering, time and date and graphics, the EBS 260 Handjet is the perfect InkJet Coding Printer.
The EBS 260 has everything you need for precise, fully mobile number, time, and date stamp imprinting. Store and Imprint multi-line messages for on-demand, Large Character InkJet printing. Take your day to day business activities to the next level with an EBS 260 Handjet today.



A Mobile Electronic Number Stamp for Product Marking or Large Parts Marking applications.                                      

All you need for precise, Fully mobile, Number, Time, Date Stamp imprinting.

  • Simply "Press" the Black Button to activate printing for non-contact printing on flat or uneven surfaces...THEN, start rolling the EBS-260 , by making contact with the stabilizer wheels onto the surface being imprinted.
  • A total of (10) Imprint Layouts can be stored and recalled in the unit (1,500 character(s) per each of the (10) imprint layouts).
  • Imprint Sizes: Small .47" (12mm); Medium .86" (22mm) and Large up to 1.06" (27mm) tall imprint can be configured...a Maximum of 2.00 Inches Print Height
  • Print on any absorbent surface.
  • Print on any non-absorbent surface.
  • Reliable Print Performance - suitable for harsh and dirty environments. 
  • Ink Jet printing per cartridge  (100,000 characters, based on the smaller imprint layout of 7x5 dots-matrix)
    **Ink Colors are NON-Interchangeable. Only one Color Ink can be utilized in a Handjet Printer.
  • Ink consumption will be much greater, when printing with the largest Imprint of 2.00 Inches (imprint layout of 32x10)
  • Automatically advances the Time, Date and Numbers internally.
  • Variable Print Data can be configured; Counters, Expiration Dates, etc. 

HandJet EBS-260 Inkjet Coding KitHandJet EBS-260 InkJet Printer has Color Touchscreen

Complete HandJet EBS-260 Inkjet Coding Printer Kit includes; (1) EBS-260 HandJet Printer with carrying case, (1) Configuration Software, (1) USB Bluetooth Module, (1) USB Cable for module, (1) Black Acetone Ink Jet Cartridge, (1) Power Pack and cable, (1) Spray Bottle, (1) User Manual.


Applications:  A Totally mobile Solution for Time Date Numbering, and Graphics...uses such as; Parts Marking, Package Marking and validating in product manufacturing processes, and packages in transit, quality control validation, laboratory timing and checking, production controls, large product marking and where part marking needs to be performed in dusty and dirty environments.


Easily control transmit Imprint Message(s) to each of the EBS-260 Coder(s), across your production floor:
**The included Configuration Software and Bluetooth and WiFi Communications are standard. Controls up to (20)
    EBS-260 HandJet Coders.
**Radio Frequency usually operates up to only 150 Feet.

USB or Wireless Bluetooth and WiFi Communications for EBS-260 HandJet Inkjet Coder 

***In lieu of the wireless feature,  Connect a USB Flash Drive to the HandJet for Direct
      Transfer of imprint layout(s) and backup of configuration.
Sample Custom Imprints from the EBS-260 Inkjet Coding Printer
**Not to real size!
HandJet EBS-260 Sample Inkjet Imprint with Scalable Sizes EBS-260 4 Lines of Imprint with Graphics
The EBS-260 HandJet can be utilized in a wide variety of Product and Package Marking Applications:
**Optional Stabilizers may be required to acheive optimal Imprinting on Curved Surfaces!
Utilize the EBS-260 HandJet for InkJet Coding on Concrete Pipe Product Marking, PVC Pipe or Tubes and Steel Building Materials or packaging. Textiles and Upholstery products can now be marked legiably.
HandJet EBS-260 Inkjet Coding on Concrete Products InkJet Coding Printer for Metal Substrates and Building Materials EBS-260 Inkjet Coding for PVC or Metal Pipe Products and PlastictubesTextiles Industry employs InkJet Marking on Carpets or Upholstery with HandJet EBS260
Utilize the EBS-260 HandJet for InkJet Coding in the Timber Industry on Wooden Tree Trunks, or to code Wooden Shipping Crates, imprints for traceability in warehousing and when the product marking is to be imprinted on curved containers such as paperboard cores and mammouth sized items anywhere.
Paperboard Cores Industry Benefits of the HandJet EBS-260 HandJet-EBS260-Prints-Large-Characters-on-Blue-Electric-Trasformer Inkjet Coding for Timer and Tree Trunks and Wooden Shipping Crates using HandJet EBS260Warehousing and Case Goods InkJet Marking for Traceability with EBS-260 HandJet

Watch this video to see the HandJet EBS260 InkJet Coding Printer in action.



  • Specifications:
  • Shipping Weight: 7 lbs. (EBS-260  2.5 lb.)
  • Dimensions: 8.75"(w) x 10.04"(h) x 2.90"(thick)
  • Ink Cartridges: Water based, Ethanol, Acetone in various colors.   
  • Print Timing Speed: Synchronized with rotational speed of lower stabilizer, or at intervals by an internal generator.
  • Working Pressure: 4.4 to 5.8 psi, via internal pump
  • Power Supply: uses (3) Li-Ion rechargeable batteries (included)
  • Battery Capacity: 50 Hours of Operation (Recharge time is; 2.5 hours or less)
  • Operating Temperature: 33 F degrees to 104F degrees
  • Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing: printer will operate in rain, (surface being imprinted must be dry).
  • Storage Temperature, for water based inks: 34F degrees to 113F degrees.
  • Storage Temperature, for ethanol or acetone inks: 14F degrees to 113F degrees.



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