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NovaTime Employee Time Clock

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NovaTime 1000 Automated Time Clock System
NovaTime 1000 Prox Badge Automated Time Clock System (Discontinued...)
List Price: $949.00
eShop Price: NovaTime 1000 Prox Badge System (Discontinued...)
NovaTime 1000 Prox Badge Automated Time Clock System (Discontinued...)

With more than 70 years of combined experience in the employee time clock industry, NovaTime provides effective and robust time clock solutions to manage time and labor for your small business. NovaTime develops and supplies automated employee time clock systems, like the SBE 1000, that provide small businesses with a complete punch-to-paycheck time clock solution. We have several different models of the NovaTime time clock, including pin entry time clocks and hand recognition biometric time clock systems.

Offering time clock solutions at affordable prices, these systems integrate biometric, automated, and time clock software technology to make payroll operations simpler. NovaTime employee time clock systems also provide accurate, indisputable payroll records that help you comply with wage and hour laws. NovaTime time clock systems make it easy to add employees to your roster, giving your business the flexibility to grow. You can also easily export your attendance data to ADP, Ceridian, Quickbooks Pro, and more. Bring your timekeeping into the 21st century with NovaTime employee time clocks from