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Signaling Transformer 24 volt AC Power Supply
Shop Signaling Transformer for Power Supply on 24 volt ACS Audible Alarms. Federal Signal Vibratone Horns, Edwards Signaling Adaptebel and Lathem Wheelock Bells Equipment and Signal Devices at Time Clock
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Signaling Transformer - 24 volt AC Power Supply

When you need a Power Supply with 24 Volt AC Output. Connect to a Audible Alarm Signaling Devices, from Lathem, Edwards Signaling Adaptabel, Fedearl Vibratone Horns and Wheelock Bell.

Input Operating Voltage: 110 volt AC Electrical Plug

Output Voltage: 24 volt AC 

Signaling Transformer for Federal Signal Vibratone Horn

Signaling Transformer for Edwards Signaling Adaptabel

Wheelock Bell 24 volt AC Power Supply

Lathem 850-24 Horn Power Supply

Lathem 906-6-24 Bell Power Signal Transformer

** Requires Wiring Cable, sold separately.

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