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Widmer P400-V
VOID Perforator for Expired Drivers Licenses
The Widmer P40 VOID Perforator is desgined for properly Voiding an Expired Driver's License - Comply with the DOT / FMCSA 49 CFR Legislation 384.211 Surrender Procedure - How to Surrender Expired Drivers License to DMV Office.
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Detailed Description

VOID Perforator for Expired Drivers Licenses

Economical, Heavy-Duty, Manually Operated, Document Perforator

Secure method of punching holes in documents...perfect for compiance with the DOT / FMCSA Legilation for properly handling and processing driver's licenses at the DMV office.

Perforation Text for this model is... VOID

                      Sample VOID Perforation Text from P400 Driver License Perforator  


Sample Driver License VOIDed with the Perforator Machine

  • Just Insert the Drivers License to be voided, pull the lever to perforate.
  • Easily peforates the word VOID through plastic coated diver's licenses ad ID Cards, found in the U.S.A.   
  • Operation is Easy and Safe
  • Extra Long handle provides a smooth, single cutting action
  • Precision made Metal Punches, ensure lasting performance


  • Specifications:
  • Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.25"(w)x 7"(h)x 10"(d) 


How To video on the Widmer Kon P400 Drivers License VOID Perforator.

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