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Acroprint ARESIV-KIT
Acroprint ARESIV Watchman Clock System
Acroprint ARESIV Watchman Clock System. Heavy Duty, Guard Tour Time Recording from this PC Based Watchman Clock system. Features Powerful Reporting. Lowest Price, buy from Time Clock
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Detailed Description

Acroprint ARESIV Watchman Clock System


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ARES-IV PC Based Watchman System... features Powerful Reporting to Analyze and Audit  your watchman's patrol rounds

Ensure the protection of your property and facility!!!

Guard ID Key Fobs Identification i-Buttons



Sample of the Checkpoint Stations for a Guard Watchman Clock



Easy as 1-2-3...

    1.  Guard touches his/her Guard ID i-Button, to "Start Shift".

    2.  Guard Touches "Numbered Station i-Button(s)" at each check point.

The above action Records... Station i-Button number, Guard ID i-Button number, Data Recorder number,  Date, Hour and Minute for each checkpoint.


     3.  Data is then Downloaded to ARESIV Software on the computer...via the included Docking Cradle.

M6000 Guard Clock Connected to download cradle

ARESIV Watchman Kit includes...(1) ARESIV M6000 Data Recorder with strap, (1) ARES-IV Watchman Clock Software with electronic manual on CD, (10) Station i-Button(s) with plastic mounts, (2) Guard ID i-Button key fobs, (1) Docking Cradle Cable.

Companion Products: See "Related Products Heading" at the Bottom of this Page. Choose from...Additional M6000 Data Recorders, i-Button Checkpoint Stations,  Guard ID Key Fobs, and Incident Pad, Etc.

  • M6000 Data Recorder
  • "9 volt" Cell battery provides Months of maintenance free use for the M6000 Data Recorder...maintains Date, Time and recorded data. 
  • M6000 Data Recorder stores approx. 2500 transactions
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry                          
  • Rugged Design for most possible mishandling  
  • Key Lock required to open Data Recorder        
  • Low Battery indicator beep


  • M6000 Data Recorder Specifications:
  • Weight: 1lbs.(data recorder) 
  • Dimensions: 6.3"(w)x 8"(h)x 5"(d)  


  • ARESIV Software is password protected
  • Many Reports available...Tour Report,  i-Button Station List, etc.
  • User defined descriptions fields for,  i-Button Station Names, Guard Names, Areas, etc.
  • Assign i-Buttons to designated "Facility Areas" for patrol
  • Specify allotted time, in which i-Button stations are to be visited per "Area"
  • Archive/Save History Data to external drive


  • Add,  Station i-Buttons (packs of 10) 
  • Add,  Guard ID  i-Buttons (packs of 5)
  • Optional Incident to track; Glass Broken, Door Ajar, etc.
  • Add, M-6000 Guard Clock Data Recorder(s)


Record Incidents on the Guard's Tour with this Pad


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