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Acroprint ATR480 Calculating Time Clock
The Acroprint ATR480 is a Calculating Time Clock that prints the Works Hours on a time card. An internal Timecard Calculator automatically generates Regular/Daily and Overtime hours as each In/Out Punch is performed. Partner with
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Acroprint ATR480 Calculating Time Clock

Work Time Clock Machine with internal Timecard Calculator prints In-Punch & Out Punchs and Hours Calculations directly on the time card

The Acroprint Time Clock ATR480 is a stand-alone Calculating Time Clock. 

  • Fully automatic Calculating Time Clock, for up to 50 employees.
  • Top Feed with automatic punch alignment and print activation for one-hand operation.
  • provides Calculating Hours or Non-Calculating operation.
  • Calculating Time Clock performs transactions with the internal Timecard Calculator, for elapsed time between In and Out Punches.
  • Calculates Regualar and Overtime Hours
  • Supports Weekly, Bi-Weekly, semi-monthly and Monthly pay periods
  • Employee Identification via Prenumbered Time Cards
  • Auto Adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.
  • Display and Print AM/PM Hours or 24 Hour Military Time
  • Print in Regular Minutes (00-59) or Hundredths of an hour (.00 - .98)

Acroprint Calculating Time Clocks are a stand-alone Work Time Clock that calcuates Hours, and requires no PC.

For clients seeking a stand alone Calculating Time Clock we have the solution.

Calculating Time Card  for Acroprint ATR480 Time Clocks


  • Input Power: Auto-Detecting single phase power supply, 110v/60Hz, 220v/60Hz and 110v/50Hz, 220v/50Hz
  • Shipping Weight: approx. 10 lb.
  • Dimensions: (w) x (h) x (d) 
  • Package Includes: Acroprint ATR480 Time Clock, 300 Time Cards, 1 Ribbon, AC Power Supply, User Guide
  • Time Cards
  • Time Card Rack 

Acroprint Calculating Time Clocks ATR480 can be purchased from Carpenter's Time Systems and