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Acroprint PENDULUM-HP1000
Acroprint Pendulum Hand Punch 1000 Biometric Time Clock System
The Acroprint Pendulum Hand Punch 1000 System automates your Payroll and Eliminate Buddy Punching by Employees. Unlimited Employees on Pendulum Software and 50 Employee on Hand Punch 1000. Time Clock
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Detailed Description

Acroprint Pendulum Software with Hand Punch 1000

(50-100 Employees capacity on Hand Punch )

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 Sample Reports - Pendulum Time Clock Software



Eliminates Buddy Punching...Automatically calculates employee hours.

Enhances management's ability to manage the workforce...easily spot Tardiness and Un-Authorized overtime!!

Pendulum Hand Punch System includes...(1) Hand Punch 1000 Time Clock, (1) Pendulum Time & Attendance Software, (1) Serial Data Cable -50 foot.

  • Pendulum Software provides an Unlimited Employee Capacity Database and can support as many Hand Punch Clocks your needs require. (No other Time & Attendance System provides an unlimited employee database for no extra charge)
  • Each Hand Punch 1000 Time Clock has a 50 employee capacity (with an optional 100 employee capacity).

    Companion Products: See "Related Products Heading" at the Bottom of this Page. Choose from...Annual Support Agreements, additional Hand Punch Clocks, Extension Data Cables, Etc.


Pendulum Time Clock Software Features

  • Standard Pendulum Software Modules
  • Time & Attendance
  • Signal Control (requires HP-3000/HP-4000)
  • Automatic Clock Polling
  • Messaging to Clocks (requires HP-4000)


  • Software has unlimited Employee capacity (each Hand Punch 1000 has 50 employee capacity, or optional 100 employee capacity)
  • Easy Employee Setup
  • Password Protection
  • Automatically Total Employees Hours, (Regular and Overtime)
  • Unlimited, User Defined pay codes, such as...Vacation, Sick, Jury Duty, On-Call, etc.
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.
  • Handles Basic and Complex rounding rules and policies.
  • Fixed or Open shifts
  • Punched Break and Lunch parameters
  • The Pendulum System maintains all Employee History.
  • Easy Editing for Missed Punches and/or Off-Time Hours...such as Vacation, Sick Time, etc.

          - Clock Terminals -

Acroprint Systems offers many Data Collection choices for your timekeeping needs.

Add additional Hand Punch Clocks to this system...SEE "Related Products" Heading at the bottom of this Page.

Swipe Clock Terminals  -  Hand Punch Readers 

Anatomy of a Hand Punch 1000 Biometric Time Clock
Hand Punch Terminals... as easy as 1-2-3

1) Employees enter a 4-Digit P.I.N. number on keypad

2) Employee positions hand on the clock's platen

3) Green Light / Audible Beep indicates a "Good" punch     
        Verification takes Less than a Second

Eliminate "Buddy Punching" in your business today.

Hardware Connections:
- RS-232: 50 foot standard, (Wire up to 100 foot with optional extended data cable), single clock
- Optional Modem: Connect the clock to an analog Phone/Fax line for dial-up connection

Management Reports

  • Time Card Report
  • Who's In-Who's Out
  • Missing Punches
  • Hours Summary
  • Category Summary
  • Attendance Report (shows tardiness and absenteeism)
  • Employee List
  • Clock Rules...and many more.
  • All Pendulum Reports can be... Displayed on the screen, Printed or Saved to a File.
  • Sort reports... by Name, Badge Number, Employee Number, Shift Code or Department.


Payroll Exports

  • Provides your company a "Punch to Paycheck" solution. Eliminates the hand keying of employee hours into the accounting or payroll service software. 
  • Exports to the following payroll programs...
  • Quickbooks Pro 2000
  • PrimePay
  • PAYCHEX 2.0
  • PAYLINK 5.0
  • ADP
  • Peachtree Complete Accounting 7.0
  • Generic ASCII output file


  • Minumum PC Requirements:
  • Windows 95/98//NT/2000/XP
  • Pentium II processor or Better
  • 1 MB Hard Drive Space
  • 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive and CD-Rom Drive
  • Available Serial Port, for data cable connection (cable up to 50 foot, 100 foot max. with optional extended data cable) 

Hand Punch 1000 Clock  Hand Punch 1000 Datasheet (pdf)
                                     Hand Punch 1000 Manual (pdf)

"Eliminates Buddy Punching" - "No Time Cards or Badges"

  • 50 Employee capacity on Hand Punch 1000 ( optional 100 employee capacity)
  • Hand Punch verifies employee based on a three dimensional Digital Image of the size & shape of hand. (this clock does not read fingerprints or any vital signs such as pulse or heart rate)
  • Much more reliable and trouble-free, compared to systems that use fingerprint technology.
  • Green & Red lights notify employee of the status of their punch.
  • Unit stores up to 5120 punch transactions in memory.
  • Memory protected by Battery Backup during power failures.

  • Hand Punch Time Clock Specifications:
  • Weight: 14lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9"(w) x 11.65"(h) x 9"(d)
  • Power Input: 120 VAC, 50/60Hz.



  • Add, Additional Hand Punch Clocks...
  • Add the Internal Modem For Offsite Locations  (requires Phone Line at clock location and Modem/Phone Line for Computer that runs ATR2020 Software).


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