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Acroprint Time Clock Enclosures

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We supply a variety of Time Clock Enclosures for Waterproof and Security applications to protect the Investment of your Acroprint Time Clock, Acroprint Badge Terminal or Biometric Time Clock.

Find timeclock enclosures for most Acroprint models, such as the Time Q Plus, model 125, 150 and BOSS Time Recorders, ES900 and ES1000, Biometric 1000. In addition, customers that use Clock Terminals for the Acroprint ATR2020, ATR9800 and Pendulum time and attendance systems and the Hand Punch Biometric Terminals are now able to ensure the long-life of this more expensive equipment.

Ideal for outdoor and other hostile environments. Completely waterproof with drip shield and rear mounting holes, inside mounting for electrical duplex outlet and continuous hinge on cover with hasp for locking the enclosure with a padlock. Optional Heater and Fan for extreme enviroments. Choose from many color options. custom fit for your system.


Need a Custom Acroprint Time Clock Enclosure?...just contact us with your requirements.