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Amano NS-5100
Amano NS5100 Electronic Time Date Stamp
Amano NS-5100 Electronic Time-Date Stamp-Amano NS-5100 Time-Date-Numbering Stamps provides reliable, electronic Document Control. Battery Backup and Auto-Reset for Daylight Savings Time. Time Clock
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Reliable document control is only a few clicks away when you order an Amano NS 5100 electronic time date stamp from Time Clock eShop. With battery backup, an auto-reset for daylight savings time, and other industry-leading features, this time date stamp provides the who, what, when, where, and how many for a wide variety of applications.

Eliminate manual hand-stamping with this document control solution from the experts at Amano. All you have to do is insert the document and let the electronic time date stamp do the rest. 

Amano NS-5100 Electronic Time Date Number Stamp




The only Electronic, Heavy Duty Time-Date and number stamp machine leaves no doubt as to who, when, where and how many

  • Just insert Form or Document
  • Sensitive Trigger, accepts light-weight paper
  • Prints through up to 6 carbon copies
  • Automatic and Touch Plate printing
  • Automaticlly Advances Year, Month, Date and Time
  • Automatic Reset for Daylight Savings Time 
  • Eliminates Manual Hand Stamping                  
  • Easy to replace Ribbon Cartridge                   
  • Dot Matrix Priting                                            
  • Selectable choice of Imprint formats               
  • Prints up to nine consecutive numbers
  • Optional Operational Battery Backup 200 imprints during power failure


  • Specifications:
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.5"(w)x 8.25"(h)x 5"(d)
  • Depth of Throat: (from tof Time/Date line) adjustable slide

    Amano manufactures reliable clocks for time date stamps and employee time clocks at prices that will fit your budget. Here at Time Clock eShop, we carry many different models of Amano time clocks that will help you run your business accurately and economically. All of our time-related products provide a lot of value for the money. Let us help you determine the best employee time clocks and Amano time clocks for our needs.

    If you routinely stamp incoming documents such as invoices, contracts, mail and more by hand,you can improve your company's efficiency by switching to a heavy-duty Amano machine that can produce hundreds of time date stamps per week. The Amano NS-5100 Electronic Time-Date Stamp has a host of great features such as electronic document control with a sensitive trigger to accept light-weight paper, battery backup for continued operation during power failures and auto-reset for movement between standard and daylight savings time. These easy-to-use machines have replaceable ribbon cartridges, a choice of imprint formats and printing up to nine consecutive numbers and touch plate printing.


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