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The Reiner Bates Stamp is truly a remarkable product!!

The future is here with an electronic and customizable Bates stamp. Favored by law firms, court reporting, and litigation support offices, Bate stamp designs are excellent for legal document control and validation. A Reiner Bates stamp puts you in control with a truly portable stamp that fits in your purse or pocket easily. Specify when, where, and how many numbers you’d like to stamp with the iJet 798 Bates stamp from Reiner. It’s all you need for precise, customizable Bates numbering.

A Reiner Bates numbering machine functions like multiple Bates Stamp machines in one unit. With Bate stamp and numbering at its core, easy plug and play configuration is found in the Bates numbering software. The Shear Tech Bates printer provides a numbering system that automatic, high-speed, programmable, and stand-alone—allowing you to eliminate the inconvenient and fatiguing manual tasks that traditional Bates numbering relies upon. Order your Bates stamp and printer today from!

Features include:

  • Consecutive numbering
  • Repeat setting
  • Duplicate, Triplicate and up, advancing
  • Enable or Disable Leading Zeros
  • Choose to Increment or Decrement
  • Many Bates Numbering Format Possibilities!!