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Card Five ID Card Design Software
- Integrated Card Design & Database Screen -

Card Layout and Data Entry Fields

Easily manageCard Design, Database Entry, Printingand Magnetic Encoding, with the fully integrated WYSIWIG eniviroment

Card Five is available in several versions to meet any user's needs and budgets...

Card Five Standard Features:   

  • Design Front and Back of card
  • Text... use any Windows Font, Custom Colors, etc.
  • Print most majorBarcodesymbologies available and PDF417-2D
  • Shapes... print Lines, Rectangles, filled rectangles, etc.
  • System variables such as Date/Time, Counters, Keyboard input.
  • Images / Logos... use any image file type, JPG, BMP, TIF, PCX, etc.
  • Supports Magnetic Stripe Encoding and Smart Card Encoding.
  • Read pictures fromDigital Camera or Image filesor for Real-Time Imaging use aVideo Capture Devicewith Twain driver.
  • Uses KeyFive security samrt access software.
  • Windows 95/98//ME/NT/2000/XP.


-  Card Five Premier  -

  • Internal Database, store Human Resouce card information in the internal database, no need for external database.
  • CSV Database connection... connect to external Comma Separated Text Data Files.
  • Multi-User network licenses
  • Photos on Database... store Photos in the database.
  • Create/Edit any internal databases

    -  Card Five Proffessional  -

  • All features of the Premier Version, listed above.
  • Log-Ins.. password protection provides each user separate access rights for design, editing data, printing. 
  • Connect to External Database via ODBC, Access, FoxPro, SQL, Paradox, Excel, Text, etc.
  • Reports... create, save and print all database records, including photos