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CloudPunch Online Time Clock for Employees
Acroprint CloudPunch is an Online Time Clock for Employees. Bundled with a Fingerprint Time Clock Tablet with WiFi, low monthly fee and best price for online employee time clock subscription. Purchase from
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CloudPunch OnLine Time Clock for Employees

Cloud Time and Attendance with Fingerprint Time Clock WiFi Tablet

The Acroprint CloudPunch is a complete Fingerprint Time Clock WiFi Tablet. The CloudPunch Time Clock Tablet is designed with powerful Cloud Time and Attendance features that rival other Online Time Clocks with a much lower price.

Fingerprint Time Clock Tablet device requires Ethenet or WiFi network connection to upload employee In and Out Punches to the CloudPunch account.  When internet is down the time clock tablet stores the transactions locally, and automatically resumes upload, when internet is restored.

Employee's can be configured to perform Clocking In/Out via optional RFID Proximity Badges or via PC Punch Browser. 

Perform editing to the work time transactions, such as inputing missing punches, track Vac and Sick Time paycodes and the Smart Time Card in the Cloud automatically recalculates the Hours....Print or Save the Time Cards.

  • Easy to use Fingerprint Time Clock, eliminates buddy punching.
  • Optional RFID Proxiity Badges or PIN input can be assigned to employees for Clocking In/Out.
  • Employees can also Punch In/Out via their Cell-Phone or Browser.
  • Requires network connection, with Internet.
  • Web Based Time Clock that is installed and runs local within your network.
  • Easily transfers data via Push-Technology built-in to the CloudPunch Employee Time Clock device. Next, log into the CloudPunch Software via a Browser on your local PC (database hosted in the CloudPunch account).
  • Time Card Reporting accomodates Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly Pay Periods. (Regular Hours and Overtime Hours are calculated)
  • Automatically load Holidays Hours to Time Card
  • Calculations for Punch Rounding and UnPaid Lunches and Paid Breaks are supported
  • Large Capacity, recommended for tracking 1 - 200+ Employees 
  • Lightweight, well suited as a Portable Time Clock that Calculate Hours (time clock must be connected to a internet connection for data retrieval)
  • Can be wall-mounted or placed on a table or desk.

Online Time Clock for Employees Datasheet

Sample Time Card Report from Online Time Clock for Employees

CloudPunch Time and Attendance is a Online Employee Time Clock, with low price for monthly subscription fee.

For clients seeking a Web Based Time Clock we have the solution.

Price for Online Employee Time Clock

Cloud Time and Attendance Tablet

Cloud Time and Attendance Software - CloudPunch Software


  • Input Power: Auto-Detecting single phase power supply, 110v/60Hz, 220v/60Hz and 110v/50Hz, 220v/50Hz
  • Weight: approx. 1 lb.
  • Dimensions: 6.00"(w) x 5.00"(h) x 1.50"(d) 
  • Package Includes: CloudPunch Fingerprint Time Clock WiFi/Ethernet, with tabletop stand and wall mount bracket and hardware, USB Flashdrive, Qty. 1 sample Proximity Badge, AC Power Supply, StartUp Guide for connecting Time Clock Tablet to the required subscription account for CloudPunch Time and Attendance Software.
  • Proximity Badges or Key Fobs
  • Car Power Adapter 
  • Add additional Fingerprint Time Clocks WiFi  - (subscription for CloudPunch, includes up to 2 active time clocks.              *add $10.00 per month for each active time-clock over two.)

Fingerprint Time Clock WiFi for CloudPunch

Acroprint CloudPunch Online Time Clock for Employees can be purchased from Carpenter's Time Systems and

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