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Acroprint ED Date Stamp Document machine
Acroprint ED Date Stamp
List Price: $445.00
eShop Price: Starting at $409.00
Acroprint ED Date Stamp
Reiner Speed-i-Marker 940 Number Stamp
Reiner JetStamp Graphic 970 Number Stamp
eShop Price: Starting at $2,400.00
Reiner JetStamp Graphic 970 Number Stamp
Widmer 776D Time Date and Numbering Stamp Machine
Widmer 776D Time Date Numbering Stamp Machine
eShop Price: Starting at $1,010.00
Widmer 776D Time Date Numbering Stamp Machine
Widmer 776D-LED Time Date and Numbering Stamp Machine
Widmer 776D-LEDTime Date Numbering Stamp Machine
eShop Price: Starting at $1,055.00
Widmer 776D-LEDTime Date Numbering Stamp Machine

Traditionally a date stamper has been considered a hand date stamper with a rubber text and number band being primed by first plunging the date stamping bands into an ink pad to a much more improved version of this called a self inking Date Stamper with a rubber print die used to rubber date stamp the needed information.

Now the Future is Here!! The laborious, fatiguing and very messy date stamping process has been solved. Electric date stamps will handle high volumes. However, date stamp machines still require the manual advance of the printwheels to "set" the unit to the new, correct date. Manual setting of the date can also put into question the accuracy of the printed stamped date.

Electronic date stamps solve many of the problems associated with choosing a date stamp machine. Very portable,without the mess this type of date stamp will easily fit into a purse or pocket. Using this Date Stamp allows the user Full Control to automatically stamp and advance the date to be printed. In addition an Electronic Date Stamp can be pre-programmed by the user, to also date stamp the time, numbers and custom text, All in One Unit!!

Specify where & when, with these Date Stamps...Initiate better Document Control with Specify where & when, with these date stamps. Initiate better document control with our automatic date stamp machines.  See our Date Stamp Products at the Bottom of this page!!

Eliminates hand stamping of Date for...Incoming Mail, Bids, Contracts, Paid Invoices, etc.

Used by many Federal, State, County and City government offices for Legal Document Control and Validation

The date stamp recorder is used in completely different applications compared the traditional time recorder used in payroll timekeeping. It is not uncommon for a Date Stamp to imprint 1000 or more times a day. Built for Heavy-Duty use Electric Date Document Stamps print on a wide range of surfaces such as onion skin paper, heavy card stock or multiple copy forms. Electronic Date Stamp recorders are built for Mobility, Flexibility and to ensure Accuracy!!

We specialize in Time Date Stamp equipment to meet your exact requirements. Purchase securely On-Line, Call Toll-Free 1-888-838-5391 or contact us via e-mail.

Applications include:

  • Date Stamp incoming and outgoing mailroom goods.
    • mail room
    • document control
  • Time-Date stamp for Government & Institutional legal documents.
  • Proof of date for deposit slips.
  • Document Control for the date and time of test or process procedures to ensure policies and correct actions are completed.
  • Mobile Time Date Stamp Printing. (see Reiner Speed i Jet)
  • Perfect for Physicians and CMS Guidelines for Hospitals. The Reiner Speed-i-Jet 798 Portable Date Stamp Pen has evolved into a device that can assist physicians with proper marking of medicare forms. This Time Date Stamp is a product that increases your compliancy with CMS Regulations (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). A Fully Portable "Pen" that accurately prints Time, Date and Text, small enough to fit inside a lab jacket.