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Recognition Systems HP-3000
Hand Punch 3000 Biometric Time Clock
The Hand Punch 3000 Biometric Time Clock handles up to 512 Employees (upgradeable to 9,728 Employees). Optional Internal Modem or Optional TCP/IP Ethernet Board. Add this clock to your existing Time Clock Software or Time and Attendance Software.
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Hand Punch Clock Employee Capacity:
Communication Option- RS-232/485 is standard (cable not included):
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Detailed Description

Hand Punch 3000 Biometric Time Clock (512-9728 employee capacity)
(Multi-Terminal (RS-485)l, LAN/WAN (TCP/IP) or Internal Modem)



Put your hand on the Accurate, affordable Biometric Time Clock solution.

" Eliminates Time Cards & Badges" - "Eliminates Buddy Punching"

  • 512 Employee capacity (upgradeable to 9,728 employees)
  • Hand Punch verifies employee based on a three dimensional digital image of the Size & Shape of hand.  (this clock does not read fingerprints or any vital signs such as pulse or heart rate)
  • Much more reliable and trouble-free, compared to systems that use fingerprint technology.  
  • Green and Red lights notify employee of the status of Punch.
  • Unit stores up to 5120 punch transactions in memory.

This Hand Punch Time Clock Kit does not include software...Add-On this Hand Punch to your existing time clock software.

Works with Most time clock software systems. 

  • Acroprint ATR2020 software
  • Icon Time Timesource software
  • Amano TruTime software
  • Timesoft software
  • Time America software
  • Most Other Brands?? your time clock software company to verify if they support the Hand Punch Clocks.

Looking for a complete Hand Punch System with software?? Click Here

Hand Punch 3000 Data Collection

Hand Punch 3000 Terminals... as easy as 1-2-3

Anatomy of a Hand Punch 3000 Time Clock

1) Employees enter a 4-Digit P.I.N. number on keypad

 Employee positions hand on the clock's platen

3) Green Light / Audible Beep indicates a "Good" punch     
        Verification takes Less than a Second

Eliminate "Buddy Punching" in your business today.

Communication Options:

  • RS-485 Ready (requires Optional RS-232 TO RS-485 Data Converter)
       (Cable runs up to 4000 Foot and Multiple Terminals on Cable)
  • LAN/WAN Ready (requires Optional TCP/IP Network Card)
       (Hook-up to a Lan-Wan computer network,Terminal requires static IP address and uses RJ-45 connection)
  • Optional, Internal analog modem, "Dial-Up" for offsite locations
  • Optional, RS-232 Cable (50 Ft.)

  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.75" (h)x 9" (w)x 8.5 (d)