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Hosted Time Clock Software


The future is now when selecting this Hosted Time Clock Software. 

Have you ever wished for an Time Attendance Clock Software that?? A) Was Computer Based;  B) Did Not require any software to be installed on your computer or network;  C) Did Not require any IT Staff to maintain it, and  D) The Upgrades for the Hosted Time Clock Software were at No Additional Cost...All of this while supplying your business the Features, Tools and Fuctionality of an Time Attendance Software costing thousands of dollars.

Implementing this Hosted Time Clock Software is a snap. To determine your Monthly Charge simply select the employee count that will accomodate the number of employees in your company that will use the system.

Manager Module is Included: Managers and Supervisors can log-in securely to the InfiniTime Hosted Software, for Reporting and to Analyze Hours Data, Easliy perform data correction via the powerful Time Card Editor and Approve Request for Time Off or maintain schedules via the True Employee Scheduler.

Employee Self Service Module is Included:Employees can log-in securely to the InfiniTime Hosted Time Clock Software, to Punch In and Out. The Employee Self Service capability of this Time Clock Software empowers the employee to View and Print thier own Time Card Reports, create Request for Time Off or Schedule Changes all from the comfort of thier own desk. The Employee Self Service feature frees management from constant interruptions and the time comsuming and arduous task of attempting to fufill each employee's request for time and hours data.

Employee Punch Module is Included: Just want employees to perform only Punches from a Computer? Simply let employees utilize the Punch Module to perform In and Out Punches.

Optional Remote Time Clock Hardware: Next, if your needs require, you can purchase a remote time clock for some or all employees to use to Punch In/Out. The remote time clock hardware is an Optional Device that can be used in a location where a computer is not practical.

Note: The remote time clock is a purchase item and Does Not incur a monthly fee -- Ask that of the competition!! Another detail that sets this Hosted Time Clock Software apart from competitive products is that No Software is required on your computer or network when using the optional remote time clock with the hosted time clock software.

An Hosted Time Clock Software provides accurate, indisputable payroll records which help you to comply with wage and hour laws...and allows any size business to employ a time attendance solution Quickly, Affordably and without the need for IT Staff.