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iconTime TimeCalc-PROX
iconTime Systems PROX Badge Time Clock Terminal
ADD This Clock to your existing TimeSource System... TimeCalculator-PROX prices are lower here.- Time Clock
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Icon Time Systems Time Calculator-PROX-Data Terminal
iconTime Add-a-Clock   

Time Calculator-PROX...employees punch in or out by waving their badge in "Proximity" of the clock terminal.
Add this clock terminal to your existing TimeSource System.

iconTime TimeCalculator-PROX data terminal includes...(1) Time Calculator-PROX Data Terminal. (1) 25 Ft. Data Cable

Employees may Punch In/Out, perform Department Transfers, Log Job Numbers, Tips and Piece Counts at the Time Calculator Keypad.

      - Employees: 200 per Terminal
      - Punches: 3120 transactions per Terminal
      - Departments: 99 per terminal
      - Case: High Strength ABS Plastic
      - Display: 2 Lines/ 16 character, backlighted LCD
      - Battery Backup: 5 Year Lithium
      - Power: 120v 60Hz
      - Dimensions: 8.3"(H) X 7.4" (W) X 2.0"(D)
      - Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.

- RS-485 Data Converter,
increses distance of communication cable to 1000 foot, also multiple terminals can be hooked to the One Wire.
- Internal Analog Modem, requires Phone/Fax line at the clock location and Modem/Phone Line at the computer that runs the TimeSource software.
- Internal TCP/IP Network card, requires Cat-5/RJ-45 wiring Network Drop and a reserved Static IP address for each TimeCalculator.


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