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- Access Control software module & Kit -

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$ 275.00
(price includes access control software module and (1) Relay Switch Box)
(additional Relay Switch Boxes are available for $175.00 each)

The Access Control software moduleintegrates seemlessly with the TimeSource LITE or FULL software versions.

Choose this option when ordering aComplete TimeSource SystemorAdd-A-Moduleto your existing TimeSource software.

Let the Access Control software module Kit automatically controls access to any exterior or interior door by switching 
a Magnetic Lock or Electric Strike device, upon a valid entry at the TimeCalculator
 clock terminal.When used with the
TimeSource Scheduling/Lockout can limit the time of day an employee has access. The software provides a wide
range of access reports. 

Note: A powered Magnetic Door Lock or Electric Door Strike is required to functionally provide access control for a door. Door
Control Devices such as Magnetic Door Locks and Electric Strikes can be purchased from most lock smith companies. 

- Control Switch Circuit is 24vac-120vac, 3amps. max.