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iconTime TimeSource for Windows
- Job Costing software module -

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$ 399.00

TheJob Costing software moduleintegrates seemlessly with the TimeSource LITE or FULL software versions.

Choose this powerful option when ordering aComplete TimeSource SystemorAdd-A-Moduleto your existing TimeSource software.

iconTime TimeSource Job Costing sofware module - Time Clock

The Job Costing software module gives management answers to questions like... 
What was the Labor and Material cost for
ABC Iron Works, that was done last pay period??

- Job Numbers:Select up to Nine Digits! Employees are promted to confirm each number as they transfer from Job-to-Job.

- Tasks:a Third Level of labor tracking. Define this field as a cost center or the type of work being performed on each job, such as welding,
painting, etc.

- Piece Counts:Track quantities produced, no more guessing. Simplifies bonus payments and tracking quotas, etc.

- Material Handling:Include the cost and quantity of materials used in your jobs. Manual entry at the PC allows you to add these all-important
Material Cost at anytime during a job's progress.

- Job-Cost Reports:You may define the Date Range and what employees to include on the Job-Cost Report, Sort by class or three
customizable sort fields. Chooes the sort order that works best for your business... Sort By Department/Job, then Task, then Employee, etc.