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iconTime TimeSource for Windows
- Multi-PC / Multi-User software module -

Shop price    (2-5 PC's)    
$    299.00
                     (6-10 PC's)   $    399.00
                    (11-25 PC's)   $    649.00
                    (26-50 PC's)   $ 1,349.00
                    (50-Up PC's)   $ 2,449.00

TheMulti-PC / Multi-Usersoftware moduleintegrates seemlessly with the TimeSource LITE or FULL software versions.

Choose this option when ordering aComplete TimeSource SystemorAdd-A-Moduleto your existing TimeSource software.

The Multi-PC / Multi-User software module is licensing for the TimeSource software to be installed on Multiple Computers.This
gives Managers and Supervisors simultaneous access to employee data from their own computer

Based on Log-In and Password multiple-users can Run Reports, Edit for Missed Punches or enter Off-Time hours such as
Vacation Time, Sick Days, etc.

note:(FULL version provides password protection for each individual screen) 
         (LITE version provides password to only enter the software)