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$ 150.00 

Payroll Exports integrates seemlessly with the TimeSource LITE or FULL software versions.

Choose this option when ordering aComplete TimeSource SystemorAdd-A-Moduleto your existing TimeSource software.

Adding Payroll Exports will eliminate the redundant task of  "e;Hand-Keying"e; employee hours into the Accounting or Payroll Service software.

Payroll Exports Included at no Charge...

 ADP Payroll Services QuickBooks Pro 99 & 2000
 PAYCHEX Payroll Ser. RapidPay (Time 0002)
 MS Excel ASCII 

Custom Payroll Exports...

 Abra Int. Export McCormick MAS90 Int.
 Business Works Software MDI Payroll Software
 CBS Payroll 32 MDI-DADE
 CBS Version 2 Millennium Payroll
 Ceridian Payroll Services New World Payroll
 Ceridian Source 500 PayMaster Payroll Services
 CertiFlex Dimension Payroll Associates PC PAY
 CheckMark Payroll Windows Payroll Companion
 Compupay Payroll Services PaySuite PC
 Compupay V2 PC Access (Wells Fargo)
 CSS-Horizon Payroll Export PenSoft II PC Payroll
 Famous Payroll Version 1 PenSoft PC Payroll
 Famous Payroll Pacific Preview 0002
 FTC_A Payroll Interface PrimePay Payroll Service
 HealthTech Payroll Software QuickBooks Pro
 HealtheTech V2 QuickBooks Pro Timer
 MAS 90- 2002 TimeExpress Payroll
 MBA Summit Intermediate YMCA Custom

Note:All Payroll Exports are Standard in TimeSource FULL version.