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  iconTime RTC-1000 Web Enabled Time Clock
- Internal System Alerts Screen -

Windows and Apple Compatible!!

                  System Alerts Screen

Easily spot Alerts regarding Missing Punches, Approaching Overtime, etc.

Generate dozens of Full Page Reports... include Detail or Summary inforamtion, Custom Sorts, by Day, Week, Pay Period or Custom Date Range.

- Time Card Report
- Employee List
- Department Labor Distribution
- Who's In
- Tardy Report
- Absent Report
- Missing Punch Exceptions

Up-to-the-Minute Reports reduces un-authorized overtime...Management will know who should be sent home or called back.

Spot Lost Labor and Control Overstaffing by using the "e;Time Slice Filter"e; on the reports (TimeVue Full Version Only). Produce a "e;Snapshot"e; of labor costs during any period of time during the day, i.e., Friday evening 7:00pm - 11:30pm. Includes Hours and Wages.

Evaluate and Compare departmental labor costs over Monthly, Quarterly, even Yearly reporting periods., Etc.