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iconTime TimeSource for Windows
- Signal Control software module & Kit -

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$ 275.00
(price includes software module and (1) Relay Switch Box)
(additional Relay Switch Boxes are available for $175.00 each)

TheSignal Control software moduleintegrates seemlessly with the TimeSource LITE or FULL software versions.

Choose this option when ordering aComplete TimeSource SystemorAdd-A-Moduleto your existing TimeSource software.

The Signal Control software module Kit allows you to hook Bells and Horns to the Time Calculator Time Clock Terminal(s).
The Signal Times will notify employees of Shift Start, Lunch Breaks, Wash Up, etc.

Note: A powered Bell or Horn is required to functionally ring the signal time. Bells or Horns can be purchased from this On-Line Store. 

Each Time Calculator Clock Terminal can control up to 8 Bell/Horns
- 36 Signal Times with duration of ring can be programmed
- Bell Circuit is 24vac-120vac