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Large LED Clock

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TimeWorkz Large LED Clock
TimeWorkz Large LED Clock
eShop Price: $105.00
TimeWorkz Large LED Clock

The Large LED Clock, is a time clock that provides high visibility with Large Display Digital LED's.

When shopping for an LED Wall Clock we offer Large LED Clocks outfitted with practical industrial functions that include built-in WiFi Synchronization and remote control via a Cell Phone or Web Browser on the network or with a handheld manual remote, only at

So many applications for Large LED Wall Clocks

  • Large LED Alarm Clock
  • Large LED Countdown Clock

Office Large LED ClockLarge LED Clock for Restaurants

We specialize in Large LED Clock equipment to meet your exact requirements. Purchase securely On-Line, Call Toll-Free 1-888-838-5391 or contact us via e-mail.

LED Wall Clock

Outfit your School with a LED Wall Clock and the Large LED Clock for Office and Restaurants. Another application is as a Gym Clock, The TimeWorkz LED WiFi Clock has a built-in Countdown Timer with alarm.

School Wall Clock Large LED

Gym Clock with Large LED Countdown

Digital LED Wall Clock Large Display

The TimeWorkz LED is an new Large LED Clock that provides flexibility as LED Countdown Clock with Alarm Function


Large LED Clock