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Lathem FaceIN FR650 Time Clock
Lathem FaceIn Employee Time Clock System. Includes PayClock Time Clock Software for 50 Employees (Upgradeable). Includes the FR650 Face Recognition Reader,Clock Terminal. Optional Multiple Users Upgrade.
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Detailed Description

For a truly state of the art time clock system, the Lathem FaceIn features contactless face recognition technology with an accuracy of more than 99.9%. Seamlessly integrate with your time clock software and maintain maximum control of who enters your facility. With space for 50 employees loaded onto the time clock system, and the ability to upgrade your workforce total, the Lathem FaceIn grows along with your business.

This time clock provides a more hygienic alternative to fingerprint or biometric time clock systems. Learn more about the FaceIn time clock terminal below. 

Lathem FaceIN Face Recognition Time Clock System 

The FR650 FaceIN Time Clock Terminal includes...standard TCP/IP Ethernet Communication andUSB Output Port.


A truly State of the art Time Clock System


How it Works

The FR650 FaceIN, is a complete time and attendance and access control system using contactless face recognition technology to instantly identify employees. The FR650 has a recognition rate of over 99.9% and provides a touchless, hygienic alternative to fingerprint readers, while still eliminating "buddy punching" and the need for cards and badges.

Employees simply look at the clock and within seconds they are identified and clocked-in for work. The FR650 Face Recognition Terminal uses a standard Ethernet connection to your existing computer network. The kit provides standard support for 50 employees, but can be expanded to up to 500 employees per device.

The FR650 includes a built-in dry contact relay for optional physical access control, allowing you to manage and monitor access to sensitive or restricted work areas.

Additionally, you can configure the FR650 to allow the use of optional RFID Proximity Badges.

The kit includes the powerful PayClock V6 Software for editing, running reports and exporting to most popular payroll software including QuickBooks.


NOTE: The Optional Multiple Network Users upgrade would allow employees to clock IN and OUT from multiple workstations on the network. (Local Area Wide Area Network)

Features and Extras

  • One Year parts and labor warranty
  • 30-Days Free Setup and Support Assisistance is included by Lathem Mfg's Tech Support Dept. 
  • Store over 150,000 punch transactions in the time clock memory
  • Connect to PayClock Software via built-in TCP/IP Ethernet or utilize the USB Output port with your supplied FlashDrive/JumpDrive.

Read on for screenshots of the PayClock V6 Time Clock Software.





This complete Employee Time Clock Kit includes:

  • Single User, PayClock V6, 50-Employee Time Clock Software (upgrades for employee capacity are available up to 250-Employees and Multiple Network User(s) Upgrade is also available).
  • FR650 FaceIN Face Recognition Reader (also reads Proximity Badges) (with Ethernet and USB Output). Extensive User Manual and Help Files accessed from within the installed software 
  • Mounting Bracket, Hardware and Power Supply
  • 6-Foot Ethernet Network cable.
  • System Shipping Weight: 8Lbs


Lathem FaceIN Time Clock...a complete Biometric Time Clock System Right Out of The Box.


- PayClock Time Clock Software included with FaceIN  - 


Click to view larger image: Lathem PayClock Software Punch Editing Screen

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- FaceIN Time Data Collection  -

The FaceIN Time Clock Systems is ready for a variety of Data Collection Options...choose one method or a combination of each...all are included on this system!!

 Employees can use the FaceIN (FR650) Time Clock to Punch

Employees will Punch In/Out from the FaceIN Time Clock Terminal. The Punches are then polled by the EZ Time Clock Software.


 OR, Some employees can Punch In/Out with an assigned proximity badge.

Employee Proximity Badges are an optional purchase.



Lathem FaceIN Time Clock System Requirements:



  • The Lathem FaceIN PayClock Time Clock software will only run the following Windows operating systems. Windows XP Professional SP2 (no XP Home) and Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate (32 / 64 Bit) 
  • ALSO, Windows 2003 Server (Standard SP1 and R2), and Windows 2008 Server (Standard and Enterprise 32/64 Bit).
  • ALSO, Windows Vista (Business and Ultimate) is supported, as well as all (32 / 64  Bit versions).
  • 512MB RAM Memory, with 1GB Recommended.
  • 200MB Hard Drive space minimum.
  • Maximum employee count of 250-Employees.
  • PayClock Software is designed to be installed on your Local L.A.N (Local Area Network) will also operate on a W.A.N. (Wide Area Network)

1) Multiple User requires dedicated Server RAM= 1GB or greater and 6GB hard drive space.




Cutting Edge Time Clock Solutions for your Small Business!!

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