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New KON PERFOR-NewKON-112-905
New KON 112-905 Document Perforator
New Kon 112-905 Electric Perforator Machine - Secure your Business Documents perforated Date, Custom Text and Numbering. Perforated Holes Cannot be Erased.Time Clock
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New KON 112-905 Security Perforator

Electrically Operated document perforator

Brochure: New Kon 112-905 Perforator datasheet

Heavy-Duty, Table Top Perforator with Security Key

Protecting Important Documents from forgeries and alterations. This is a Secure method of punching holes in documents, perfect Document Control for Invoices, Checks, Bills, Stock Securities, Certificates, Passports, etc.

Depending on model...Up to 6 Characters can be perforated per line and Up to 3 Lines of Text can be perforated per document. 

New Kon Perforation Text examples for model 112-905...

New Kon Date Perforator 112-905
New Kon 112-905 Date and Text Perforator
New Kon Perforator Date and Text Line 112-905 Item 42

  • Just Insert Document or Up to 35 sheets of paper   
  • Operation is Fast, Easy and Safe
  • Desktop Size - The model 112-905 takes a little more space than an larger office machine. 
  • Rugged Construction 
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty 
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Casing 
  • Precision made Metal Punches, ensures lasting performance

  • Specifications:
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Sheet per Pass: Up to 35 Sheets
  • Weight: 101 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 17.20"(w) x 11"(h) x 12"(d)

    New Kon Perforation Options:

  • Date Perforator: model 112-905

  • Paid & Date Perforator: model 112-905 - Item 41

  • Upper Text Line & Date Perforator: model 112-905 - Item 42

  • Upper Text Line & Date & Bottom Text Line Perforator: model 112-905 - Item 43

  • Numbering Perforator: model 112-905 - Item 39

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How To video for the New Kon 112-905 Date and Text and Numbering Perforator.


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