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NOVA Time NovaPROX-25
NovaTime 1000 Prox Badge Automated Time Clock System (Discontinued...)
NovaTime 1000 Prox Badge Automated Time Clock System. Includes NovaTime 1000 SBE Time Clock Software for 25 Employees (Upgradeable to 100 Employees). Prices are Lower here... - Time Clock
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Detailed Description

NovaTime 1000 Proximity Badge Automated Time Clock System
**This Product has been Discontinued. See our other NovaTime Products
- 25 employees (upgradeable) -





For a Handpunch Biometric Time Clock that uses the NOVATime 1000 here.

NOVAtime 1000 Automated Time Clock System...a complete Automated Time and Attendance System Right Out of The Box...FEEL THE POWER!!

NOVAtime software includes powerful features simply not found in other entry-level time clock systems.

NOVAtime 1000 Time and Attendance System Overview:
This Proximity Badge Employee Time Clock System comes complete with everything you need to simplify your employee timekeeping and payroll process by automating the recording, calculating and reporting of employees hours. Export your timekeeping data directly to ADP, Ceridian, PayChex, PrimePay, QuickBooks Pro and more...See complete list below.

Easy to Use and Manage: NOVAtime 1000 software does all the calculating for you. Such as Regular, Overtime, Sick, Vacation, Holiday and Other hours using flexible pay periods. You can print reports directly from PC or export to your existing payroll software...Fully Upgradeable to the powerful NOVATime 2000 or NovaTime 3000 Systems.

Easy to Setup: Attach the NOVAtime NT300 proximity badge clock terminal to a wall. Then, plug in the AC power, connect it to your PC loaded with NOVAtime 1000 software, and it's ready to go.

Sealed Case and Keypad:Keeps out dirt, dust and grime, even in the toughest manufacturing and construction environments.

Easily Expandable : Realize the convenience of adding more clocks by using Direct Cable, Internal Modems for off-site locations, or install your clock on the Network with the TCP/IP Communication module. Peace of your clock and software can be easilyy upgraded to add more features and more employees.  

NovaTime Time Systems...FEEL THE POWER!!

Click to View NOVATime 1000 Employee Screens

Click to View NOVATime 1000 Punch Edit Screen

Click to View NOVATime 1000 Reports Screen


NOVAtime 1000 Time and Attendance System Features:

- 25 Employees included...choose from 50 or 100 employee upgrades
- Password Protected
- Unlimited Multi-User Network Access included with each NOVATime 1000 Software Package...

- In/Out Board to display employee current in / out status
- Track Employee Benefit Hours: such as vacation, sick hours, PTO Hours…

  Warning will be displayed at the timesheet if an employee exceeds the benefit
  time being entered. Note: Initial Benefit "Hours Due" must be entered manually.
- Handles Multiple Pay Policies...easily handle employees with differing pay rules

- Payroll Exports included...ADP, AmeriPay, Ceridian, Fidelity Electronic, HRPS/ScorPEO, Helix, InterPay, Milennium MPI, PAYCOR - PCS, PayChex, PayComOnline, Paylink, Payroll Associates, PrimePay, QuickBooks Pro, RAPID, Wells Fargo Bank, ASCII or Excel. 
 (note: NovaTime Software exports Regular, Overtime, Holiday and all other paycodes entered)
- Edit Punches, Enter Tips, and make changes at the clock terminal or computer
- Automatic Lunch Deduction or Lunch Punches
- Two Levels of Overtime (OT1 & OT2, daily and weekly)
- Pay Periods: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly and Custom
- Up to 15 Pay Codes: Regular, Overtime, Vacation, Sick, Holiday and User-Defined Codes
- Standard Reports: 40 Standard Reports; Department, Wages, Whos In, Time Card, Missing Punches, Tardy, Labor Distribution Totals, Benifit Hour Balances, etc 
- Powerful report generator with export capability...many sort/filter combinations for each report
- Punch Rounding: 1/4, 1/10, None
- Shift Rounding: Define and round punches against up to 10 User Defined Shifts
- 3 Levels of Tracking: Facility, Department, Job

- Multiple-Clocks: Add additional PROXimity Badge time clock terminals to the system
- PIN Entry Mode:
Set the clock terminal so employees Punch In/Out with PIN Numbers rather than badges. note: this disables the clock terminal for badges


Complete NOVA1000-25 Kit includes:

  • PROX Badge Time Clock Terminal
  • NOVATime 1000 SBE 25 Employee Software with Quick Start Guide
  • Un-Limited Multi-User Network Software included at no charge
  • (20) Proximity Employee Badge
  • (1) 50-Foot Data Cable
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Mounting Hardware for Clock
  • 90 Day Warranty on clock and 30-Days Free Technical Support

Hardware Connections:
- RS-232: Wire up to 100 foot, single clock
- RS-485: Wire up to 1000 foot, multiple clock(s); (note: requires line driver/converter)

- Optional Modem: Connect the clock to an analog Phone/Fax line for dial-up connection
- Optional TCP/IP: Connect the clock to your Ethernet LAN/WAN


Can I edit employee punches or enter information at the time clock?
You can make changes at the time clock and software. The time clock allows you to edit punch data, perfprm department transfers, enter tips, record and access employee information.

Will I lose my data if my computer crashes? No.
All punch data is stored on the time clock (approx. 1800 punches) until downloaded/Polled by the computer where it posted in the NovaTime 1000 software.

Does the computer need to be on all the time for the time clock to work? No.
The NOVATime 1000 System time clock will operate with the computer turned off and does not require an on-going connection to a computer.

NovaTime 1000 SBE Employee Time Clock System Specs:
Warranty: 90 Days Parts and Labor
System Minimum Requirements: Pentium II PC or Laptop; Windows 95/98/2000/XP/XP Pro/NT
Dimensions: 5.0"H x 6.5"W x 2.5"D
Shipping Weight: 6 Pounds
Memory: approx.1800 Punches
Memory Reserve: 5 year Lithium Battery
Display: 2 lines; 16-character Backlit LCD
Serial Cable: RS232 4-PIN Serial Cable
Serial Port Adaptor: DB9 Pin Adaptor
Communications: RS232 Port (Ethernet & Modem options available)
Power Voltage: 120VAC, 60HZ
Environment: Operating Temperature: 0 - 70C (32-104F)