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Acroprint TimeQ Plus Network Time Clock Software
Acroprint TimeQ Plus Network PC Time Clock Software
List Price: $269.95
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Acroprint TimeQ Plus Network PC Time Clock Software

The PC Time Clock Software is perfect for companies with a seated workforce who want Employees To Punch In/Out from the workstation .

Turn any manager's or employee's PC Workstation or a centrally located Computer Kiosk on the Local Network (L.A.N. Only) into a PC Time Clock, .

PC Time Clock Software designed to be Installed on your network server or XP Workstation acting as a server!!

Key Features of the PC Time Clock Software:

  • Provides management access to all employee Punch Data from their workstation...managers use the Manager Log-In Screen to view Employee Time Cards, Track and Enter Data Corrections, such as for missing punches and Off-Time, etc.
  • Employees are able to perform In and Out Punches, from the Employee Log-In Screen ...employees can also use the Employee Log-In Screen to view Last Punch, etc.
  • The PC Time Clock Software will export hours data to many Payroll Software and Payroll Service formats...choose from several Interfaces such as to ADP, Ceridian, Millennium and Paychex payroll service software. In addition, companies that do payroll in-house can choose from interfaces for MAS90, Peachtree, Quickbooks Pro and many other brands of accounting software.

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