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ProxiWand Guard Tour System
The ProxiWand is a Guard Tour System with easy to use Security Patrol Software. Security Patrol with a planned route for the Guard Tour, for the Security Guard Checkpoint System visited by the Night Watchman. Exclusively from
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ProxiWand Guard Tour System

The Guard Tour System promotes secure premises, generate reports Security Guard Checkpoints visited by the Night Watchman

ProxiWand Guard Tour System from PatrolWorkz can assist your personnel with the protection of your property and facility.

Three easy steps; 1) Watchman Guardsman touches his KeyFob for Guard Clock In to start shift;  2) Next, the Patrol Guard records any visit to each Checkpoint with the ProxiWand data recorder;  3) Management can now run Reports after downloading the transactions for the Guard's Tour into the PatrolWorkz software.

  • Password Protected - PatrolWorkz Guard Tour Software can be password protected.
  • Guard Tour Reports - Tour Report, Checkpoint Station List, Guard Clock ID List, Incident List. 
  • User Defined Description Fields in Software - for Checkpoint Station Locations, Guard Names and Incidents.
  • Alarm Clock Function - Set Vibration or Sound alarm for each day of week with a unique duration.
  • ProxiWand LCD Displays the Time for easy reference
  • USB Download - Connect ProxiWand to your PC via USB Cable, to download guard tour transactions.

PatrolWorkz ProxiWand Guard Tour System is a perfect alternative Replacement for the mechanical Watchman's Clock

If your seeking a replacment alternative for the Detex Guardsman and Amano PR-600 Watchman's Clock or the ARES C-72 Watchman Clock you currently utilize, the ProxiWand from PatrolWorkz can be a perfect fit

For new clients seeking a truly stand alone Guard Tour System, that does Not require a Cloud Based subscription, nor any IP Network/WiFi connections, we have the solution that will meet your requirements.

Achieve proactive security objectives in your Factory or Workplace. Now easily manage Security Patrols with a Guard Tour System. Security Guard Checkpoint System with reliable and accurate reporting for Guard Tour patrol routes in and around your property and premises.

What's In the Starter Kit:

  • ProxiWand Guard Tour Clock In Data Recorder
  • PatrolWorkz Guard Tour Security Patrol software
  • Round Checkpoint Stations RFID Qty. 10
  • Guard Clock In KeyFobs RFID: Qty. 2


  • Battery Power: rechargeable internal battery, charger is Auto-Detecting single phase power supply, 110v/60Hz, 220v/60Hz and 110v/50Hz, 220v/50Hz
  • Requires Windows PC Computer
  • Dimensions of ProxiWand: 6.50"(l) x 1.75"(w) x 1.00"(h)
  • Dimensions of the RFID Checkpoint: 2.00"(diameter) x 3/8" thick/height

PatrolWorkz Guard Tour Systems are exclusively offered by Carpenter's Time Systems and TimeClockeShop

PatrolWorkz Guard Tour System