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Reiner REIN-JetStamp790MP (Metal/Plastic)
Reiner JetStamp 790MP Portable Date Stamp
Reiner JetStamp 790MP Portable Date Stamp is your Mobile Date Stamp, featuring 2-Line Ink Jet Printing WITH A Quick-Dry Ink and Firmware designed for Metal, Plastic and Slick surfaces. The Reiner JetStamp 790MP helps you print on Parts and Products.
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Enjoy 2 line ink jet printing on metal, plastic, and slick surfaces with the Reiner JetStamp portable date stamp. With firmware designed for difficult surfaces, the JetStamp 790MP allows you to print on parts and products.

This precise, fully mobile date stamp printer is excellent for a wide range of applications. It advances through the time, date, month, and year automatically and its rechargeable battery is good for 500 to 600 imprints. The Reiner JetStamp prints on soft, flat, rigid, or uneven surfaces and offers a total solution for checking and validating events and transactions.

Reiner Jet Stamp 790MP Portable Date Stamp

(features 2-Line non-contact Ink Jet Printing)

This model JetStamp 790MP (MP=Metal / Plastic) features a Quick-Dry, Permanent Ink and Firmware designed for use on Metal, Plastic and other slick surfaces, the ink will adhere to these types of surfaces!!


A Mobile Electronic Date Stamp for a wide variety of applications                                       

All you need for precise, Fully Mobile, Date Stamping printer...specifies who, when, where with Reiner's JetStamp 790MP portable date stamp.

  • Simply "Press" the Blue Button to activate printing
  • Prints up to 2-Lines of imprint (20 characters per line)
  • Print on any absorbent surface, with or without contact
  • Gentle treatment of surface being marked
  • Prints on Flat, Rigid, Soft and Irregular/Uneven Surfaces...with the Non-Contact Ink Jet cartride 
  • Standard Black Ink Jet printing cartridge  (up to 6,000 imprints)
  • Automatically advances the Year, Month, Date and Time internally
  • Rechargeable Battery provides approx 500-600 imprints                              
  • Easily select from (25) frequently used imprints, with the easy to read LCD Display              
  • Optional; Memory space for (4) additional custom imprints. e.g.; company name                                                                   


JetStamp 790MP Complete Kit

Complete JetStamp 790MP Portable Date Stamp Kit includes; (1) JetStamp 790MP Mobile Time Stamp (with Quick-Dry Ink Firmware), (1) Charging Docking Station, (1) Black Quick-Dry Ink Jet Cartridge, (1) USB Cable.


Applications:  A Totally mobile Solution for Time Date Stamp Product Marking and Imprinting...such as; Checking and validating in surgeries, pharmacies, and hospitals, marking dockets and packages in transit, quality control validation, laboratory timing and checking, production controls, delicate product marking, nightclub and meetings entry validation, etc.


Easy to read Menu-Driven LCD Display:

JetStamp LCD Display 



Sample Custom Imprints from the Reiner JetStamp 790MP time date stamp:

JetStamp Sample Imprints 


Used in a Wide Variety of Applications:

JetStamp 790MP Lab Bottles JetStamp 790MP Metal and Plastic Bottles Imprint

Watch this video to see the Reiner JetStamp 790MP Portable Date Stamp in action.


  • Specifications:
  • Shipping Weight: 4 lbs. (JetStamp 2 lb.; Charging Dock  2 lb.)
  • Dimensions: JetStamp 790MP: 3.75"(w) x 6.70"(h) x 3.00"(d)
  • Dimensions: Charging Dock: 1.35"(w) x 4.55"(h) x 5.59"(d)