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RT-ACRO-ADCT Weatherproof Enclosure for Acroprint Badge Swipe Clock Terminals
RT-ACRO-ADCT Time Clock Enclosure for the Acroprint Badge Swipe Clock Terminals (Fits ATR2020, ATR9800 and Pendulum Terminals). Optional Heater and Fan for extreme enviroments -Time Clock has Lower Prices on Time Clock Supplies!!
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Weatherproof Time Clock Enclosure RT-ACRO-ADCT


Heavy-Duty Metal Constructed for use with Acroprint Badge Swipe Time Clock Terminals

Dimensions: 14"(w) x 17"(h) x 5 1/2"(d)

Capacity: 1 Acroprint Badge Swipe Terminal (Fits TimeQ Plus, ATR2020, ATR9800 and Pendulum Terminals)

Color: Grey(standard) or Optional Colors...

HASP Door Latch: Locks with a padlock (padlock not included) 

Mounting: Metal Tabs welded on rear with pre-drilled holes

Shipping Weight:  45 lbs.

Pre cut knockouts and mount for duplex outlet to facilitate standard electrical connections and cabling.Optional Heater and Fan (mounted inside).

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