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SemiMonthly Time Cards

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This page is designed to provide an easy way to search Time Cards by Pay Period Cycle...These shown here are Semi-Weekly Time Cards

Our Weekly Time Cards are OEM quality approved and made with the 150Lb. Card Stock for durability and resistance to moisture. The manufacturing process employeed to produce these Time Cards includes Rotary Cutting for proper sizing and accuracy, ensuring Outstanding performance when utilized in your SemiWeekly Time Card machine.

We use Manilla Colored TimeCard Stock!!! This provides Crisp Imprints from the time clock machine. Most One-Sided Time Cards are printed with a Green Ink. Two-Sided time cards are typically printed in Green on the front side of the time card and Red on the back side of the time cards.

In some types and brands the time cards are white with a black ink.

Don't settle for an inferior Semi Weekly Time Card...that could result in problems with your time clock equipment.

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If your employee management system is set up for semi-monthly reporting, our semi-monthly time cards are an ideal solution. Offering both time computer cards and punch time cards, we have a wide selection of leading brands and their time cards. Using manila colored stock for strength and resistance to moisture, our 150 Lb. card stock is designed to last through difficult conditions. Some of our punch time cards are printed on white with black ink, but most of them are manila and adorned with either green or red ink. Precision rotary cutting ensures the latest standards for sizing and accuracy are met, and that the time cards will not be problematic for your time clock equipment. Be sure to select the correct brand name and product number that corresponds to your time clock unit.

All of our semi-monthly time clock cards are OEM approved for quality and offered with free shipping. If you cant find time cards which are identical to yours, contact us and send us a sample so we can find a match for you. Find the semi-monthly time clock cards for your business at today.