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Time Clock Buzzer System Signals

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24V Power Supply Bell Buzzer Power Supply
24v DC Power Supply
eShop Price: $215.00
24v DC Power Supply
Amano PIX200 Signal Control Time Clock
Amano PIX200 Signal Control Time Clock
List Price: $429.00
eShop Price: Starting at $424.00
Amano PIX200 Signal Control Time Clock
Shop Break Buzzer
Break Buzzer 4" 24volt
eShop Price: $120.00
Break Buzzer 4" 24volt
Lathem Digital Work Alterter Signal Control Device
Lathem Digital Work Alerter
List Price: $445.00
eShop Price: Discontinued - See Lathem Sonachron
Lathem Digital Work Alerter
Lathem Sonachron Signal Control Device
Lathem Sonachron DWAS Signal Control
List Price: $425.00
eShop Price: $360.00
Lathem Sonachron DWAS Signal Control
Break Bell Signal Control for Time Clock
Signal Break Bell 6" 110volt
eShop Price: $110.00
Signal Break Bell 6" 110volt

Time Clock Buzzer System will automatically sound the Timer Lunch Break Start and Stop Work. Break Buzzer and Work Timer Break Bells from TimeWorkz Signals and Lathem.

If you need to sound a Break Bell or a Shop Break Buzzer Horn to signal the change of work shifts at your factory, a signal control Break Bell System is the perfect solution. Instead of taking time away from customers or other responsibilities, these Break Time Buzzer Systems will control a device for sounding TimeWorkz Signals, letting your employees know that it’s break time, or that their work shift is over. Break Bells and Break Buzzer Horns are optional, allowing you to augment your existing system. An employee time clock like the Amano PIX200 Signal Control time clock is both a time-date stamp and a Bell Time Clock signal controller.

Ideal for alerting employees working on a shop floor, or even school students, these signal control time clocks encourage the maximum efficiency in your workplace or school or factory. The Lathem Sonachron DWAS signal control can also be programmed to turn electrical devices or appliances on and off, along with a security code to prevent tampering. With an affordable price tag, a signal control time clock is a great addition to any business that needs to signal employees over a wide area easily. Don't waste time waiting for warehouse deliveries anymore, install a Wireless Warehouse Bell Ringer kit. Stop waiting around by the bell to alert employees and get back to managing your business with TimeWorkz Signals from

Applications include:

  • Break Time Buzzer System

  • Factory Lunch Bell

  • Work Timer

  • Break Buzzer


Break Buzzer sound or Break Bell sound. Perform our Sound Test to determine the sound for your shop's Timer Lunch Break Start and Stop Work.

What does a Time Clock Break Buzzer sound like? just press the Blue Button on the picture, hear the sound of a Break Buzzer.

Break Buzzer Sound Test - Click to Hear sound of Break Buzzer

Press the Green Button on the picture, hear the sound of a Break Bell System Sound.

Break Bell System Sound Test - Click Button Here