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Signaling Devices - Audible Alarm

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120 Volt Alarm Buzzer
120 Volt Alarm Buzzer
eShop Price: $115.00
120 Volt Alarm Buzzer
Shop Break Buzzer
Break Buzzer 4" 24volt
eShop Price: $120.00
Break Buzzer 4" 24volt
Lathem Digital Work Alterter Signal Control Device
Lathem Digital Work Alerter
List Price: $445.00
eShop Price: Discontinued - See Lathem Sonachron
Lathem Digital Work Alerter
Lathem Sonachron Signal Control Device
Lathem Sonachron DWAS Signal Control
List Price: $425.00
eShop Price: $360.00
Lathem Sonachron DWAS Signal Control
Break Bell Signal Control for Time Clock
Signal Break Bell 6" 110volt
eShop Price: $110.00
Signal Break Bell 6" 110volt

Audible Alarm and Signaling Devices designed for Time Signals

The Aubible Alarm can produce and emit sounds to warn of imminent danger or Alert People to upcoming Actions such as a Time Signal that is a referece of the time of day for a shift change, or alert employees with functions as a break timer. 

Ideal for schools and business or an industrial factory, the Audible Signaling Devices can be connected to a programmable time clock buzzer system that is equipped with a full range of features for scheduling and controlling the output audible signal alarm. Outfit your factory with a timed Audible Industrial Alarm

Applications and Signaling Alarm Solutions:

  • Wireless Bell
  • Timer Bell
  • Signal Horn
  • Bell Buzzer
  • 120 volt Alarm Buzzer
  • 24 volt AC Buzzer
  • Industrial Audible Signaling Devices
  • Long Range RF Transmitter and Receiver controller for Audible Alarm

The Lathem Sonachron lets you program everything from signal factory buzzer horns and Break Bells, or to turning electrical devices on and off—a significant asset towards your building’s efforts to stay eco-friendly. The TimeWorkz Signals is a 7 day programmable bell timer signal relay kit that works with the Audible Alarm Bell or Buzzer Horn to alert employees for work start and work stop and Lunch Breaks. If it is an Industrial Signal Horn or Wirelss Bell with Long Range RF Transmitter and Receiver for your Shop, Factory or Business, we offer solid solutions.

Audible Alarm

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