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TCS TC-1950-9208
Simplex Form 1950-9208 Weekly Time Cards
Form #1950-9208 Weekly Time Card for Top Feed Time Recorders-1000 Cards per Box/$59.00 - Time Clock
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Detailed Description

Time Card # 1950-9208

This Time Card is designed for Clipper Style (Consecutive Spacing) time clocks that print "Up The Time Card". The clock will cut a Notch allong the side of the Time Card or Print a Black Square that references each line printed

Suggested Pay Period Type: Weekly

Card Dimensions: 3 1/4"(w) x 9"(h)  

1 Box (1m) =1000 Cards

Shipping Weight (1 Box): 12.60 lbs.


Time Cards used in Clipper Style / Consecutive Spacing time recorders are quickly recognized by either; a -Clipped Off Edge- of the timecard, a -Hole Punched- in the time card, a -Perforation- made in the time card or a -Black Reference Square- (optical recognition) that is printed on the time card as each "Timeclock Punch" is printed.

Other features of some clipper style time cards include...
Worksheet area to record witholdings and pay deductions, etc.
- Time Cards are typically printed in Green Ink on the Front.
- If the timecard is two-sided, then the back of the timecard is usually printed in Red Ink.

Not Finding The Exact Time Card you are using?? There are 100's of timecard styles and we can "Find a Match" for your time card. Just call or Fax your sample to (409) 838-4966

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