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Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Clock Systems
Accurately and Electronically maintain Payroll Timekeeping records with these cost effective time clock sytems. Employees Punch In and Out with Badges or via PIN Enrtry
Fingerprint Time Clock Systems
Fingerprint Time Clock Technology that is now truly Reliable and Accurate, Eliminate Buddy Punching with these affordable time clock systems
Hand Punch Biometric Time Clock Systems
Eliminate employee Buddy Punching with the Hand Punch Biometric Time Clock from Recognition Systems
PC Time Clock Software for Employees
Time Clock Software where Employees Punch In and Out from a PC (software only), Also find Powerful Time and Attendance Software
Web Based Time and Attendance Systems
True Web Based Time and Attendance Software to automate timekeeping, track Benefit Leave Balances and Employee Schedules all from a Web Based Software.

Our time and attendance systems offer businesses the powerful features they need to manage and automate the collection, calculation, and preparation of data for payroll. Our PC Based Time Clock Systems put calculated payroll data at your fingertips. A biometric time clock saves businesses thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. By eliminating “buddy punching,” a biometric time clock will ensure that your payroll dollars are spent on actual employee attendance.

Our time clock systems allow you to simplify payroll collection, generate management reports, edit employee time card data, and export directly to payroll. Web Based Time Clock Software provides businesses with cutting edge technology for automating the payroll time keeping process. Web-Based Time and Attendance software installed on your network server and Internet Explorer on manager and employee workstations is all that’s needed to better track your time targets. Choose from a variety of time clock data collection methods: PC Time Clock Punch mode, badge swipe time clocks, hand punch biometric time clocks, or time sheet entry mode. Order your Time clock software from today and see the difference in your bottom line!