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Clockify Time Clock Kiosk
Clockify Time Clock Kiosk TCK10
eShop Price: $399.00
Clockify Time Clock Kiosk TCK10

The Time Clock Kiosk provides employees a modern time tracking experience using a centrally located Time Clock Tablet where your employees can clock in, clock out and submit timesheets.

Tablet Kiosk as a Time Clock

Install your provider's Time Clock App or utilize our Free Time Clock Kiosk to install in these Time Clock Kiosk tablets.
Alternatively just utilize the web browser of the tablet for a Time Clock Kiosk experience via your provider's standard url web portal.
Most Time Clock Kiosk allow employees to Clock In and Out using the device touchscreen to input their unique PIN code.
The TimeWorkz Time Clock Kiosk devices have NFC and RFID built-in for those Time Clock apps that support Clocking IN and Clocking OUT via touchless NFC or RFID Badges.
If the Time Clock Kiosk has a built-in 5MP Camera and if the app supports Face Recognition or capture a selfie photo, this will provide a valuable tool to prevent buddy punching. 

Workflows from the Time Clock Kiosk

Clock-ins and Clock-outs flow directly into timesheets, posting the employee time records in real-time. Then, managers can easily review timesheets approve them for efficient payroll processing on the device of their choice, such as desktop PC, laptops or mobile phone devices or from the Tablet Kiosk itself.

Wall Mounted Tablet for Kiosk Time Clock

Our Wall Mounted Tablets allow for the Kiosk Time Clock device to operate and Run Tablet without Battery. Just plug in the dc power card into the tablet time clock kiosk and plug in the adapter into standard 110volt outlet.

POE Android Tablet

If your buiding's network is outfitted with Power over Ethernet, the POE Android Tablet will allow your Time Clock Kiosk to be connected for data and powered with a single cable. For those installations in a network that does not have POE, just plug in the Time Clock Kiosk device power into a traditional wall plug. The RJ45 Ethernet port handles data without the POE.

Tablet with Ethernet Port perfect for Time Clock Kiosk

A Tablet with Ethernet Port is an essential device component for a company looking for Time Clocks for Small Business. These Ethernet-enabled Time Clock Kiosk Tablets are designed for the stable and secure connectivity of a wired ethernet network and will be easily adopted by your IT Department teams.

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Time Clock Kiosk

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