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TimeWorkz Signals
TimeWorkz Signals Time Clock Buzzer System
The TimeWorkz Signals device is a Time Clock Buzzer System with upgraded programmable Bell Timer functions. Finally a Break Time Buzzer System that is easy to install and perfect as alternative to a Lathem Sonachron. Exclusively from TimeClockeShop
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TimeWorkz Signals Time Clock Buzzer System - Timer Lunch Break Start and Stop Work

Break Time Buzzer System and Programmable Bell Timer

The TimeWorkz Signals offers superior features in a stand-alone Programmable Timer not found in competitive bell timer devices, namely the Lathem Sonachron.

This Time Clock Buzzer System offers the option of individual ringing duration for each time signal programmed. A built-in Instant Ring Button provides a Function to manually activate the Relay-Contact to signal the Break Buzzer or Break Bell to sound, this feature saves the cost and hassle of additional wiring.

Three Scheduled Modes, can be invoked via the Keypad Buttons, providing an array of possible applications for your facility and conveniance where firms have multiple Time Schedules to manage. Holidays to inactivate the bell timer are also supported in the TimeWorkz Signals device.

  • 7 Day Timer - Each day of the week can be programmed with a different timer schedule.
  • Many Time Schedules - Up to 24 different Time schedules can be programmed. Next, assign any schedule to trigger on any weekday. 
  • Up to 50 Times per Day - set up to 50 Times for your Lunch Bell or Break Buzzer to sound in a 24 Hour period.
  • Individual Signal Duration - Each of the Times can be configured with a unique Signal-Duration, from 1 to 99 Seconds.
  • Holidays for Schedules - Weekly Holiday (any day of the week), Calendar Holidays (up to 10 a month), and Monthly Holidays (any fixed date) can be programmed so that the scheduled times are silent.
  • Three Modes for Schedules - Mode1, Mode2 and a third Mode. Easily assign the mode of choice via the keypad buttons.
  • No PC required - TimeWorkzSignals is a truly stand alone Bell Timer, packed with features. no software needed, no network needed.

Time Clock Buzzer System Datasheet

Lathem Sonachron Alternative Replacement the TimeWorkz Signals device offers upgraded Bell Timer programming

If your seeking a replacment alternative for the Lathem Sonachron you currently utilize as a Bell Timer, the TimeWorkz Signals will be a perfect fit

*TimeWorkz Signals is the system controller timer only, sounder devices such as Bells or Horn-Buzzers, can be purchased separately.

For new clients seeking a truly stand alone Timer, that does Not require a PC, nor any IP Network connection, we have the solution that will meet your requirements.

Achieve some sanity in your Factory or Workplace. Now employees will go back to work on-time at the start and end of breaks and lunch. Start Work Shift Times as well as Stop Work Timers now can be accuratey controlled to optimize efficiency in your production.


  • Input Power: Auto-Detecting single phase power supply, 110v/60Hz, 220v/60Hz and 110v/50Hz, 220v/50Hz
  • Output Relay: 10amp dry contact (N.O.=Normally Opened)
  • Dimensions: 5.62"(w) x 4.33"(h) x 2.00"(d) 

TimeWorkz Signals exclusively offered by Carpenter's Time Systems and TimeClockeShop

TimeWorkz Signals Time Clock Buzzer System and Bell Timers

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