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TimeWorkz Time Stamp Machine
TimeWorkz TSM-500i Time Stamp Machine
The TimeWorkz TSM-500i is a Time Stamp Machine with multiple Date Time Stamp Machine functions. An Automatic Date and Time Stamp that performs 5-Line Printing upon a single-insertion of the document and Two-Color Printing. Exclusively from TimeClockeShop
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TimeWorkz TSM-500i Time Stamp Machine - Date Time Stamp Machine

Automatic Date and Time Stamp with 5-Line Two-Color Printing

The TimeWorkz TSM-500i offers superior features in a stand-alone Time Stamp Machine. 

This Time Date Machine performs automatic date and time stamp printing of up to 5-Lines of text, upon a single-insertion of the document. Also, each custom line of imprint text can be printed in Black or Red color.

The first Time Stamp Machine with a built-in touchscreen, offers the user a familiar interface for choosing one of three, Custom Imprints.

  • Never needs resetting and keeps time during power failures.
  • Changes the Year Month, Date and Day automatically.
  • Configure the TSM-500i for Left or Right Hand printing.
  • Large Clear Window assist accurate alignment of form or document.
  • Printing Modes for Document Insertion; Manual, Semi-Automatic or Automatic.
  • Custom Imprints; Configure Two Custom Imprints with up to 5-Lines of Text, also Configure One Custom Imporint with 1-Line of Text
  • Automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time.
  • Automatic Numbering (1-8 digits) with up to 9 repeats.
  • Selectable Print Formats; 2 or 4 digit years, AM/PM or 24 Hour format, Regular Minutes or 1/10 (tenths) , 1/20 and 1/100 (hundredths)
  • Password protection for program access.
  • Up to 24 Program Groups, to automatically print Red or Black, to trigger the internal chime, etc.
  • Built-In WiFi connectivity for time-sync to an NTP Time Source.
  • Place Table-Top or mount on the wall.
  • No PC required - TimeWorkzSignals is a truly stand alone Time Stamp Machine, packed with features.

Widmer T3 and Rapidprint AR-3 alternative replacement the TimeWorkz TSM-500i Document Time Stamp Machine offers quiet imprint and no loud noise when it changes the time.

If your seeking a replacment alternative to mechanical Automatic Date and Time Stamp, such as the Widmer T3 and Rapidprint, the TimeWorkz TMS-500i might be the perfect fit

Achieve some productivity in your Office, Courthouse or Workplace. Now the Automatic Date and Time Stamp machine has new capabilities.


  • Input Power: Auto-Detecting single phase power supply, 110v/60Hz, 220v/60Hz and 110v/50Hz, 220v/50Hz
  • Touchscreen: Control all settings and select Custom Imprints from color touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 6.25"(w) x 5.50"(h) x 7.00"(d) 

Time Stamp Machine with 5-Line Printing

TimeWorkz TSM-500i Time Stamp Machine prints two color

TimeWorkz TSM-500i Date Time Stamp Machine exclusively offered by Carpenter's Time Systems and TimeClockeShop

TimeWorkz TSM-500i Automatic Date and Time Stamp machines

Document Time Stamp Machine

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